What Items Do You Need for Your Baby’s Well-Being?

If you’re the lucky new parent in town, we all root for you right now. We know it’s amazing and hard, altogether. We know and we feel for you. Rest assured that it’s all going to become easier and better as days go by. If you really want to make your life a lot easier, take a look at some amazing products that are going to count for the well-being and whole development of your baby. Caring is loving, right?

Are the wellness products useful?

We all like when friends and family come and bring all of these adorable and cute looking gifts to our baby, but does your baby really needs that stuff? Ironically enough, a baby needs totally different things for staying healthy and happy. Even though nail clippers and thermometers are something you cannot do without especially in the very beginning, they’re far from being popular. When was the last time you posted a picture about the best rectal thermometer that you got from your sister to use for your baby??

We’re not trying to take a shot at the shallow things in our life or social media. We’re just highlighting that having the right products for the health and well-being of our babies is a lot more important, even though we’re not praising it as much. Truth be told, they tend to be more functional than fashionable and it’s only a matter of time until they end up in the fluffy tissue paper.

This doesn’t mean that you should care less when buying. By contrary, you could help the whole development of your baby when using the latest and the best products in terms of health and well-being for babies.

Not all digital thermometers were created equal

As a new parent, this may be a bit challenging at first. However, you’re going to have to put all shy aside and finally put a thermometer in your baby’s cute little but. If you’re not doing it right, you’re going to have to deal with some serious hassle, nevertheless.

  • The modern thermometer

If your baby is younger than three months, the rectal reading isn’t going to be of much help as your pediatrician is going to ask for the exact and precise temperature reading. Long story short, you can now buy a thermometer that actually combines the comfort of your hand on the head with the actual and precise temperature readings in just 2 seconds. It’s that simple. You’re going to have to pay for it around $130, so right it down when shopping.

  • The traditional thermometer

No matter the progress of at-home medical technology, rectal temperature is still one of the more precise method to tell if your baby has a fever or not, especially if he’s younger than 3 months. You may find old-fashioned thermometers that cost less than a breakfast. They come with flexible tips and you’re going to need less than 10 seconds for an accurate readout.

  • The smart baby thermometers

When your baby has fever, constantly checking the temperature may become a pain for all members involved. It goes without saying that you never want to wake up your baby for checking his temperature.  This is where the smart baby thermometers come to the rescue and a fever patch placed below your baby’s armpit is going to read the temperature. You can do it 100ft away on your smartphone and you may apply it several times as it comes with replaceable adhesive.

Checking your baby’s temperature with the smart phone has never been easier. You can simply plug it into your headphone jack and use just like any other thermometer. A thermometer of this type even allows you to create a profile for all the members of your family. It even gives you some medical advice with the readings. When in doubt of a reading, you can always go back and check the previous records. Easy, right? Despite of what you may think, you’re only going to pay around $15 for a thermometer of this type.

What’s a good nail clipper?

Clipping the nails on a baby is quite a challenge and you’d think we’d have better devices for that in the era of hi-tech. no matter how much we hate it, we cannot leave the nails unchecked as the baby may injure himself when they’re too long. You can get now an electric nail trimmer that has a subtle vibration, but helps you cut the nails easier, more comfortable and, more important, a lot faster. Prepare $35 for paying on this type of clipper. If this doesn’t work out for you, there are plenty of traditional options too.

Do you really need a nasal aspirator?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is a big fat “yes”. Babies are known for their amazing “ability” to produce a lot of snot which makes eating, breathing and sleeping (sounds familiar) really uncomfortable. You should get a nasal aspirator that is more effective than the traditional bulb syringe. A hygiene filter system like this is designed so that it’s efficient, without making you sick to the stomach. Still not doing it for you? Well, tough luck- you’re all in this right now and there’s little you can do about. A good nasal aspirator isn’t going to break the bank as it’s less than $20.Lets take a look at the nasal aspirator from iPlayBaby.com. The price of it is just six bucks but the quality is top-notch, plus you can get a little price cut by using some of the discount codes for iPlaybaby listed at DisabledDiscounts. The nasal aspirator is made with soft, petroleum-free silicone to gently clean baby’s nose and nasal passages. Parent love this flexible design because it help for controlled squeezing and how easy is to take it on the go.

Is the humidifier a must?

Keeping your baby healthy is important for his development and you should try your best. This also means providing him a high quality air, with no toxic cloud that typically builds in a nursery. The options for humidifiers are many (do due diligence about the matter) and get one that eliminates mold, fungus, bacteria. You want one that is easy to clean as air should never be dirty in your baby’s nursery. You’re only going to pay around $50 for a good humidifier.

Scaling things- yes, you may need a baby scale

If you’re taking your baby for regular checkups, you may not need to have one around the house too. If you’re really concern about your baby’s development, the scale is a good instrument to check if your baby is getting enough food. There are plenty of scales that are accurate, dependable and easy to use. Some are even easy to turn into standing digital scale, handling weight up to 60 pounds. Expect to pay $40 for a good scale.

Training brush and tether- are they important?

Even though your baby isn’t going to brush his teeth any time soon, you’re still going to have to start using a tooth brush the moment he has teeth. Look for a soft-bristled brush that works as a tether as well. There are many colors and designs to choose from. Shark brush or corn on the cobb brush are only few to name. they’re great for keeping your baby’s teeth clean right from the beginning.

A good first aid kit- set it in stone!

Babies do get hurt and they do cry a lot when they’re hurt. It’s going to be a long time until they’re going to be strong enough to handle tearless some minor injury. Get a first aid kit that includes everything you need for healing rash, cut, or anything else. You’re going to learn the hard way what you need for an emergency. It may cost you up to $40- it all depends on how cautious you want to be.