Stuck Home? 6 Amazing Ways To Bring The Focus Back To Your Bedroom

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If you’re stuck at home right now, you’re definitely not alone. With the coronavirus pandemic consuming the world, millions more Americans are currently working from home than usual. Not only that, but with recommendations to avoid unnecessary travel out of the home, most people are spending much more time at home than ever before. With all this time spent stuck at home, it can be easy to fall into a rut, especially with your partner. Here are six amazing ways to bring the focus back to your bedroom.

  • Limit your screen time

With all this extra time at home, it can be easy to spend a lot of it scrolling on your phone, vegging out on your computer, or lounging in front of the TV. While there’s plenty of great shows to catch up on, and endless content to consume online, spending extended time in front of screens can pull you away from your partner. To bring the focus back to your bedroom, set aside some time where you both sideline the electronics, so you can pay extra attention to each other.

  • Cook meals together

Arguably nothing is more romantic than a home cooked meal. Choose meals that you both love, which you can spend some luxurious time making together. Not only is that a fun activity in itself, but it can be wildly attractive to help your partner whip up something delicious.

  • Set aside time for massages

If you’re both stuck at home, you have the luxury of a built-in massage partner. Especially after spending all that time working from home, their neck, shoulders, and back are just screaming for some extra attention.

  • Work out together

Time to get sweaty. Getting moving every day is crucial if you’re stuck at home. You shouldn’t sideline your fitness routine just because your normal routine is thrown out of order. Find workouts you can both do together, and have fun pushing each other to the limit.

  • Choose the right supplements

If you’re looking to bring the focus back to the bedroom, there are some useful supplements on the market right now, which could make a huge difference. There are supplements specifically formulated to help men dominate in the bedroom. SCORE! XXL by Force Factor is an example of one of those products. It contains 10 powerful ingredients, which stimulate arousal, help you last longer, and can maximize your pleasure and fun in the bedroom. 

  • Talk it out

If you’re looking to increase your physical intimacy, increasing your communication may be the best place to start. Check in with your partner, ask how they’re doing, what’s on their mind. Opening up to each other is something that should happen continuously, and if you do it, you’re bound to end up finishing your conversation in the bedroom.