Substance Abuse and What To Watch Out For

There are millions of people dealing with substance abuse issues whether it is a chronic addiction or binging every time you drink. Most people do not realize they are heading down the road of physical as well as mental dependence on a specific substance. Once people realize that they might have a problem it could be too late and the addiction could have a deadly consequence if help is not sought. The fact is that everybody that needs help for substance abuse might not be ready for it or might not even admit they have a problem of any kind. Below are things to look for if you or another person you care for might be slipping into a substance abuse pattern of some kind.

Pain or Panic When You Cannot Get Your Fix

There are certain drugs where the withdrawal symptoms are so severe that addicts are just trying to avoid this pain. Other drugs might have a detox but it is more because the addict thinks they need to use the drug. This is why both mental therapy as well as a medically supervised detox are the best options for any addict. Often times addicts use substances to numb things that have happened to them in the past. Until this underlying issue is solved it is most likely the addict will not recover in a timely manner.

Staying Up For Days on End

The one thing to look for as an addict is going through binges of drug or alcohol abuse. These can last for days or even weeks until a person finally needs to sleep or goes through some kind of other breakdown. Lack of sleep can lead to different types of psychosis which can lead a person to be committed to some kind of mental health facility. If you find yourself gravitating towards people who you used to think were junkies then you might be turning into a junkie yourself. This can lead to problems at work quite quickly especially if you start falling asleep at your desk or your productivity is impacted by lack of sleep.

Legal Issues

The health issues are known but legal issues arise from substance abuse in nearly all cases. Getting arrested for something like a DUI or theft to feed your addiction can lead to further health issues. Not having the appropriate staff to monitor your detox in a jail can lead to a painful detox or even death if you are not monitored or fail to tell them about your addiction. Finding a criminal defense attorney in Anchorage, AK or Dallas, TX does not have to be difficult. It is possible that judge will allow you to enter rehab instead of doing jail time.

The above are just some of the signs that you might have a bigger problems with drugs or alcohol than you originally thought. Plenty of people slip into a full blown addiction quite slowly so it can be difficult to see changes in behavior when an addiction first begins. Keep an eye on those you love that might be going through a hard time, you might see something you would have missed otherwise.