10 Perfect Gifts For Your Medical School Graduate

With graduation season approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your favorite medical student. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. A personalized lab coat

What better way to congratulate a new graduate than with a gift that shows off their newly awarded title and that serves a functional purpose? The M3 H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Lab Coat is sharply tailored to fit like a glove and flatter both men and women in the medical field. Add the student’s name to the coat to add a small, but meaningful, touch to your gift.

2. A smart watch

This is no ordinary watch. The Martian mVoice G2 Meteor is the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with voice calling & commands and traditional mechanical watch hands, minute and hour markers. The watch face display is customizable and the chic leather strap can be changed out for a multitude of colors. Your graduate will never be late again.

3. An alarm that channels Mother Nature

Waking up can be a drag, and it can be especially difficult for those who have to wake up and save lives at odd hours. Make the process a little easier by gifting the graduate a Philips Wake-Up Light that mimics the actual sun. It can simulate both a sunrise to wake you up, or a sunset to help you wind down after a long day.

4. Endless caffeine

On that note, long shifts and odd hours can be hard without a caffeine fix. Enter the DeLonghi All-In-One Cappuccino, Espresso and Coffee Maker. This multi-functional coffee pot can brew everything to the user’s optimal strength and will likely make the pretty popular at the office — if he or she is willing to share.

5. A very-appropriate stress ball

Give your graduate the gift of an infectious disease to celebrate his or her big day, one that will let them relieve the inevitable stress of medical work. This Infectious Disease Stress Ball comes in a few varieties, including the Bubonic Plague, and will give them a small laugh in a moment of chaos.

6. A “masterpiece” of a stethoscope

Investing in a stethoscope can be an intimidating, and expensive, investment for the new graduate. Take some of the stress off by gifting him or her one of the nicest ones on the market. The ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope is a unique masterpiece, handmade in Germany with patented dual diaphragm acoustics that provides unmatched sound precision. The dual-channel tubes maximize sound transmission quality and minimize external noise. Plus its elaborately polished and chrome plated by a master craftsman.

7. An artistic print only a medical student would understand

Hard-pressed to find a gift? Why not a beautiful work of art to adorn the walls of a newly graduated medical professional’s office or apartment walls? This Etsy print of Santiago Cajal’s Cerebral Cortex Neuron will look good anywhere and is sure to spark a conversation.

8. A preventative and useful backpack

The modern commuter needs a pack that will hold their laptop and gear without weighing them down. Give your graduate the gift of a stylish, useful backpack that will also keep their spine straight. Look for packs with wide straps and a padded back, like The JanSport Odyssey Laptop Backpack or The North Face Big Shot.

9. Bone pens

Medical professionals write a lot, so lend them a hand — or a spine — with these anatomically correct pens. Each one is only a few bucks, but you can save by purchasing the whole set.

10. A stylish, and functional, scrub jacket

Give the gift of style and warmth with an Ionic Scrub Jacket for women or men. It’s sophisticated, athletic and fully functional, plus it fits all body types to perfection. It’s intentionally designed long for coverage and a slimming effect.