Supercharge Your Health Naturally

Can you get the full range of nutrients that you need from your daily diet? If you follow a healthy, varied diet and you know what nutrients the food provides, you could. You would need to watch out for signs of deficiency and consider supplements, if necessary, but a healthy diet should get you quite far.

What kinds of food do you need to concentrate on? The infographic below lays it all out for you. Med Alert Help has compiled the basic statistics for you and presented them in an easy-to-read format.

You can see what foods you need to eat to get the vitamins that you need. They’ve also included some interesting facts about the different nutrients and what the symptoms of a deficiency might be. If you want a quick rundown of what you need to eat, take a look.

When it comes to getting your maximum nutrition, it’s important to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Foods in their natural form have hundreds of beneficial compounds that are available in just the right combinations.

There is a synergistic interaction between these natural compounds that make them more valuable in this format. That’s why relying on a vitamin supplement is not going to have as much effect as eating properly. We can synthesize the different elements, but we cannot synthesize the way Mother Nature puts them all together.

Scientists have been trying hard, but there are many unidentifiable compounds in Mother Nature’s kitchen. We just cannot make the same concoctions in a lab.

Are you ready to supercharge your health? Get started by checking out the infographic below.