Supplements that Help Get You Going in the Morning

The threat to most of us, in today’s world, is not from a terrorist group or the pollution in the air, but the lifestyles which we live day in and day out. Each of us is busy, rather super busy, working to fill up our pockets, bank balances, gas tanks and our closets; but we are increasingly running on empty.

We hardly spare any time for ourselves and for our wellbeing. Healthy workouts, for sure, are an indispensable part of being healthy. The question that arises here is, can we take out time from our busy schedules for them?

Even if we make the time, can we utilize it to the maximum? The short answer seems to be, no. What if you were to be gifted a magic wand which would help you to utilize your time in its fullest. What if this magic wand already exists? Surprised. Well, don’t be. Just make use of the variety of the workout supplements available, which will serve you as a magic wand making you more energetic, powerful and more focused.

Most of these supplements consist of clinically proven ingredients which not only increase your stamina and endurance but also provide you with necessary nutrients to build up your muscles and increase your blood flow.

Nowadays there actually happen to exist a variety of Supplements in the market that can make your workouts easier. Below is a list of supplements that may guide you in choosing an appropriate supplement needed by you:

  1. Protein Powders for women:

The protein powders for women are not the magic weight loss bullet, but they are the necessary nutrients for every woman. There are mainly three types of protein powders:

    • Soy protein
    • Whey protein
  • Casein protein

If weight loss, muscle repair or more protein intake are your goals then protein powders are the best supplements.

2.Green supplements

Greens supplements consist of superfood nutrients packed into powder or pill form. They boost your body with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, pre biotics, probiotics and many more. They detoxify and rejuvenate your body, improves the blood flow. They also provide you with plenty of plant-based proteins and amino acids that help the muscles build. A few examples of green supplements:

    • Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Powder
    • Nova Forme CytoGREENS
  • Vibrant Health Green Vibrance
  1. Glutamine Supplements:

Glutamine supplements contain, mainly the amino acid L-Glutamine, found naturally in the muscle tissues of your body. It plays a key role in maintaining the health of your muscles as well as the strength of your immune system. A few of the best glutamine supplements are

    • MusclePharm Glutamine
    • BSN Glutamine DNA
  • Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Capsules
  1. Probiotic Supplements:

 These supplements consist of primarily probiotics and digestive enzymes that help you to digest the food you take more efficiently thus making the nutrients readily available for the body. Some of the best in them include:

    • Bio cult probiotic
    • Healthy origins probiotic
  • Dr. Mercola complete probiotic
  1. Energy Drinks and Gels:

  Energy drinks, as the name suggests, are a great way of gaining a quick surge of energy and mental focus during your workouts, thanks to active ingredients like caffeine and taurine. Some of the famous energy drinks:

    • Red Bull Energy Drink
    • Monster Energy Drink
  • Rockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink

6. Pre Workout Supplements:
  These supplements are aimed at providing you with surplus energy, strength and focus to work out for a larger period of time. It also boosts your endurance and reduces fatigue and muscle soreness. Some the best examples:>

    • Betancourt Bullnox Androrush
    • Cellucor C4 50x
  • ANARCHY by MuscleTech

7.Post Workout Supplements:
Post-workout supplements, as the name suggests, you take soon after exercising, in order to start your recovery and replace lost nutrients. They mainly contain a mix of amino acids, the building blocks of muscle, as well as other ingredients to help in recovery. Some of the best among them are,

    • Cellucor Alpha Amino
    • Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy
  • Universal Nutrition Torrent

These are just a few of all the available supplements for your consideration. There is a surplus of other supplements as well, which can transform your workouts by making you more energetic, focused, more successful and efficient in the gym overall.