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  • Improving the Work and Life Balance

    Improving the Work and Life Balance Improving work and life balance is a vitally important aspect of work-life harmony. Not only does it benefit the employer, but it can have beneficial effects on the individual as well. Many people feel stressed out when their daily schedules are disrupted by different events. Increasing the amount of […]

  • Tips for a Healthy Work Environment

    Tips for a Healthy Work Environment Workplaces are one of the most critical places in a person’s life. They can help us achieve our goals and improve our productivity, but they can also be a place where we feel uncomfortable and stressed. According to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi, here are some tips to help you create […]

  • Smart Tips To Manage a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Nurse

    Every job has its challenges. However, everyone will agree that some jobs are just a little more demanding than others. Your work might make you experience second-hand trauma or go through burnout. The healthcare field is one of the most stressful careers in the world. And most healthcare professionals struggle to manage their stress levels […]

  • Natural Remedies to treat asbestos related diseases

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is mined throughout the world, it was used predominantly during the 20th Century in the building trade. Asbestos was recognized as a wonder material due to its resistance to heat and its relative cost effectiveness. However experts have linked exposure to asbestos with several serious health issues. The […]