Natural Remedies to treat asbestos related diseases

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is mined throughout the world, it was used predominantly during the 20th Century in the building trade. Asbestos was recognized as a wonder material due to its resistance to heat and its relative cost effectiveness. However experts have linked exposure to asbestos with several serious health issues. The use of asbestos is now banned in over 50 countries around the world as governments and employers are being held accountable by suffering workers pursuing asbestos compensation claims.

As I mentioned earlier there are a number of chronic health complaints that are caused by exposure to asbestos. The most serious known is mesothelioma, which is an aggressive form of cancer generally found in the lining of the lungs. With any cancer it is often hard to treat and once diagnosed patients are generally given a life expectancy of around 18 months. However there are multiple cases of patients living upwards of 10 years. One of the largest problems with mesothelioma is the diagnosis, this is due to most asbestos related illnesses having a considerable latency period often upwards of 30 years. The condition also shares symptoms with other common respiratory illnesses so doctors rarely look straight for mesothelioma.

Asbestosis is another condition that in extreme cases is considered to be fatal. It is a scarring of the lungs and is also known as fibrosis. There is not currently a cure for asbestosis as medical professionals express that the damage done is irreversible. This is not the be all and end all though as many people have found remedies which can reduce the symptoms and make living with the condition easier.

For an illness such as mesothelioma the generic treatment options are available, these include radio and chemo therapy courses of medication and if necessary invasive surgery to remove the tumour or organ.

These methods are not always to the preference of certain individuals who instead opt for a more natural approach to dealing with their condition. An example of this would be a gentleman named Paul Kraus who is still living life to the fullest since being diagnosed with mesothelioma is 1997. Paul radically changed his approach to his lifestyle with a reformed diet and exercise routine which he believes has had a massive impact on his survival. Alternative remedies include:

Cats Claw

This is a plant found in the region of South America. It is a type of vine that gets its name from the small thorns at the root of the plant which resemble a cat’s claw. The South Americans use the plant to aid in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, gastritis and epidemic diseases. A study in 2001 detailed positive results concluding that cats claw was anti-mutagenic and anti-proliferative.


Another plant based treatment, astragalus is native to the nation of China. Nearly all studies made on using astragalus as a treatment method have been carried out by the Chinese but have provided promising results. The four to seven year old root of the plant is said to inhibit the growth of the tumour whilst counteracting the adverse effects associated with chemotherapy. A study conducted in 2003 showed sufferers of mesothelioma enjoying a far better quality of life.

Ozone therapy

This is an alternative treatment that involves increasing the amount of oxygen in the body. There are various methods of performing ozone therapy some of which boast improved results. The evidence that ozone therapy is successful lies in the evidence that cancer cells do not prosper in an oxygen rich environment. However there are several health concerns in undergoing this treatment, if excess ozone is administered it can be extremely detrimental to the well-being of the patient. There have even been 5 reported fatalities associated with the use of the ozone treatment.

Healthy Diet

Implementing a new reformed diet, ensures that you get all of the nutrients and benefits without excess fats and salt. This will leave you with more energy to fight the condition, it has also been proven that eating a healthy balanced diet whilst incorporating a exercise routine has a dramatic affect on your mood meaning that you should be able to maintain a ‘glass is half full’ approach to life.

Staying Active

The words staying active often strike fear into the minds of many people, and instantly we imagine hours of grueling sweat inducing exercise however staying active with a condition such as mesothelioma could be as simple as participating in yoga several times throughout the week or taking a leisurely stroll for 30 minutes a couple of times a week.

Author Bio; Adam Howard – Atrium Legal

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