Telltale Signs That Your Marriage Could Be Falling Apart

Divorce is a part of so many different people’s lives whether they get a divorce or are a child of divorce. So many marriages end in divorce as living with someone for a lifetime is just too much for some couples. Putting legitimate effort into your marriage is going to be very important. You do not just want to do this when divorce is threatened or things are spiraling out of control. The truth is that some people model their marriage after their parents even when their parents were not happily married. Below are some telltale signs that your marriage could be on the decline. 


Infidelity is a breach of trust that cannot be repaired in a number of marriages. Cheating takes a number of forms as there are online affairs between people that have never met. The digital age has made cheating far easier as people can join dating apps with ease. Finding out about infidelity can break a marriage on the decline quite easily. Some couples head to counseling after a spouse is caught cheating while others end their marriage. A divorce lawyer consultation is usually the next move after finding out about an affair. 

Growing Resentments Due To Poor Communication

Poor communication can be the basis of a number of issues in a relationship. You want to solve issues that are lingering rather than allowing them to grow into larger problems. Waiting until you are arguing to bring up things that are upsetting you can lead to saying things you might regret. Communication needs to be healthy rather than constantly bickering which can impact mental health negatively. You should be able to express concerns without fighting immediately. 

Continually Growing Apart

There are people that have been growing apart for years but don’t realize it due to how busy life can be. Couples split regularly after their children leave the home as they find they have nothing in common anymore. You need to spend time growing your relationship weekly and spend time enjoying the company of one another daily. Marriages are hard work as there can be so many issues that arise over a lifetime of living with another human being. 

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is something that can completely tear a marriage apart. Not only does substance abuse come with financial problems but it can lead to legal issues as well. Getting help for yourself or your spouse begins with admitting that there is a problem. Signs of substance abuse can be subtle as most addicts try to hide their addiction. You might also find that there are charges at liquor stores quite frequently or large amounts of cash being taken out. There are some that try to hide their addiction by paying with cash so their expenditures cannot be tracked. 

A marriage falling apart can be so tough on your mental and physical health. Take the time to exhaust all avenues but consider divorce as an option if neither party wants to try to fix the broken marriage.