The 5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

You probably think that most workplace injuries happen at busy factories or on building sites, but that’s not necessarily the case. The reality is – you can get injured in any type of workplace. It doesn’t have to be somewhere which requires a hard hat! Office injuries are commonplace, as are those in other environments where people let their guard down.

Yes, building sites are dangerous places and so are many factory floors. However, one thing those places have in common is that safety is normally paramount. It’s drilled in to all new employees and kept as a number one priority. That can’t be said for all places of work, especially those that might seem safe (and where nobody is concerned about safety). We’re going to look at some of the most common workplace injuries in a variety of different environments.

1. Overexersion and lifting injuries

This is the most common work-based injuries, and it isn’t just limited to those places where heavy lifting is part of the job. In fact, those sorts of places will probably put some effort into training their employees how to lift properly. The reality is, this sort of injury can be common where lifting ISN’T part of the daily routine and where employees haven’t been properly taught how to lift.

In other words, employees in places where heavy lifting is a daily duty will normally be trained and properly aware of how to do so It’s when someone is required to lift something every once in a while or as part of something that isn’t their normal job that you need to be careful. Whether it’s staff moving tables for an office party, or a shop assistant helping bring stock in from a delivery, back strains are common in the workplace.

2. Slipping or falling over

Slips and trips can happen in any workplace, not just a in construction or factory environment. The reality is, most slips are preventable with the use of a simple “wet floor” sign, but far too many people ignore such minor details which could make all the difference. As an employer, you could be liable if you don’t use wet floor signs, even if you didn’t know about the slippery area. It’s worth talking to a commercial flooring specialist about your business floors to prevent any accidents.

3. Falling from heights

This type of injury is obviously more confined to those sorts of environments where people are actually working from heights, so you might not need to think about it too much if you’re an office manager. However, if you do work from heights, proper protection gear and fully checked safety equipment should be a priority, whether you’re a local window-cleaner or working on a large construction site.

4. Car accidents

Many people drive as part of their job, which could make a car accident a workplace injury and the responsibility of the employer. Road safety is important, and a number of measures might need to be introduced in order to protect drivers. Many road accidents are preventable, employers are now beginning to use speed limiting equipment to keep company cars within the law. For those who spend a lot of time on the road, recording boxes can be used to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s actually a legal requirement in some instances.

5. Machine entanglement

Again, this type of injury might only be unique to a specific type of workplace, but it shouldn’t be underestimated in its severity. Anyone who uses machinery should be fully trained and all precautions should be put in place to prevent unnecessary injury.

Injuries at work can be serious, but many of them are preventable. Kevin Wilbury knows how important a safe work environment can be. He recommends proper legal advice if you’ve suffered an accident at work.