The Benefits Of Warming Up Before Your Exercise Routine

The fact that you are considering starting an exercise routine, or are currently involved in regular exercise, is the first big step to a healthier lifestyle, and a longer life. Regular exercise is incredibly important for all of us, and any doctor will tell you, the more active you are, the less likely you are to experience ongoing health problems. However, while you should be commended for starting a new exercise routine, you need to be aware, that it is also important to do a proper warm up, before you commit to 30 of 40 minutes of strenuous exercise.

It breeds success.

The warm-up probably won’t help you to burn any extra calories, or increase your muscle mass, but it is essential to the overall success of your workout. It is important to stretch your tendons throughout your whole body, because if you try to bypass this procedure, then you will end up injuring yourself and having to book an appointment at your local physiotherapist, which you can find here at  You might be laid up for a number of weeks, which means that you can’t exercise, and so you will probably put on excess weight.

Warm-up exercises are crucial if you are to continue burning calories and building muscle, and here is why they are so important.

  1. Increased muscle temperature – The purpose of a proper warm-up is to raise the temperature of your body, and this is very useful for your muscles. As the temperature of your muscles increase, oxygen flows more easily into the muscle, and so this allows you to do more difficult exercise routines without worrying about injuring yourself. The warm-up allows the heart to get ready for more strenuous exercise, and this reduces the strain on it.
  • Less risk of injury – There is nothing worse than putting in the time and energy to get yourself to a certain fitness level, then to become injured. Once you’re injured, you will no longer be able to work out and this leads to weight gain, and losing some of your muscle mass. If you take the time to do a proper warm-up, then there should be less chance of you hurting yourself, or overheating your body.
  • Good preparation – A 10 to 15 minute warm-up gets you prepared, both mentally and physically, for what you have planned ahead. Putting yourself through a hectic and difficult workout is all about preparing yourself mentally, because when it starts to get a little difficult, you don’t want to be giving up. The warm-up allows you to remember why it is, that you put yourself through this every single day, and once you are clear on that, it will prepare both your body and mind for the exercises.

Warming up cannot be overstated, and the general warm-up can be something as simple as running on the spot, spending 10 minutes on your elliptical machine, or just doing some simple stretches for the legs and arms.