The Complete Guide to Dental Implants

For many people, the thought of losing a tooth is scary. If you’ve ever lost a tooth before, you will agree that the first few days of losing a tooth are usually very tough, partly because of the pains or aches you would feel. Again, the psychological effect of a missing tooth and the fear of looking odd among your peer could also give you a nightmare.

While painkillers will definitely take care of the physical pain caused by tooth loss, dental implants will take care of the threat of poor self-esteem which might likely result.

However, this isn’t the only function that dental implants perform. They are mostly used to prevent the teeth from shifting into an empty space, protect the jawbones, and to prevent the complications that normally occur as a result of poorly fitted dentures.

So if you’re thinking about getting a dental implant, here are a few things to know about them.

Implant placement doesn’t hurt so much

For a procedure that’s as delicate as implant placement, a minor feeling of discomfort is expected. But this pain will not be unbearable. Most times, oral surgeons place patients under anesthesia and dental sedation to relieve pain.

According to Birchgrove Dental, dental implants are placed into the bone in a relatively pain-free procedure. The bone and gums will be given time to heal before an abutment and crown are attached.

The procedure is quite simple

Don’t get me wrong, dental implant surgery involves a whole lot of processes. However, these processes only appear to be simple because they’re handled by experts. It looks easy from the general perspective because the two major steps involved are the implant placement and the crown placement.

In some cases, patients do get temporary crowns the same day the implants are fixed. This is because the gums and bones have the ability to heal so fast to allow the crown to get fixed.

Implants can be easily cared for

If you want your implant to last long, you must take adequate care of it, according to experts at ABC Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas. Remember, it’s only standing in for your natural tooth that your body has been adapted to. So you need to exercise extra care when handling it.

Caring for dental implants is usually no different from caring for your natural set of teeth. The only difference is that you have to use special tools such as the implant brushes, implant flosses, dental implant toothpaste, interdental brushes and the tufted brushes among others. You should however be careful not to overuse these items while trying to nurture the implant.

They look nice and real

The thought of an implant screw in your jaw could be scary but thinking that an implant will disfigure your face is taking things too far. Implants serve as corrective measures and they typically help you retain your gorgeous look before the tooth loss.

Although, there could have been a few cases of implants gone bad, to think that this is what happens with everybody is typically a bogus generalization. In fact, if handled professionally, no one will ever notice it on you except you disclose it. Even at that, most implants look so real, to the amazement of patients themselves.

Implants are not costly

It’s quite surprising that quite a lot of people think that implants are costly. If implants can do so much to keep your jawbone safe and put the smile back on your face, then they shouldn’t come cheap.

While your assertion about the usefulness of implants is definitely right, it shouldn’t lead you to conclude that you wouldn’t be able to afford it. Agreed that affordability is a relative term, but remember that the most important things in the world aren’t the costliest.

For example, mobile phones are among the most important gadgets in the world today but they aren’t the most expensive. The same thing applies to dental implants. You just need to make your findings.