Surviving The Stress and Anxiety The Holidays Bring Those With Chronic Conditions

Stress and anxiety are all around us.  Whether because of chronic conditions or environmentally-based, they do exist and they are very real.  For some, this means sleeplessness and for others it means ongoing panic attacks.  For every chronic condition, there are degrees; for each of those degrees there are impacts to our daily lives and those around us.  Worrying about the future, or handling stressful situations like holidays tend to exacerbate chronic conditions – sending those suffering with them into a higher degree of struggle. There is no simple “cure” for controlling it – and we must understand that sometimes it just happens and is as simple as that.  Whether because of a hormone or other imbalance in our bodies, stress and anxiety are very real to everyone that suffers from them.

For those that are unsure about taking a prescription or who are concerned about their side effects, there are other options.  Globally, many have opted for alternative healing methods for their medical issues, ranging from acupuncture to herbal remedies like medical marijuana.  Long before medical marijuana use was legal in many states, it was commonly used in other parts of the world, successfully, and with minimal side effects, for decades.

Regardless of the reasons why the political perspective has shifted with respect to this herbal solution, for those with chronic medical conditions it may be an option.  As a holistic drug, it has been used successfully to cure everything from anxiety to back pain to the ill effects of cancer treatment drugs. It goes without saying that this is something, like any other medical solution, that must be managed by a trained physician.  It must be properly prescribed, adjusted as appropriate, and controlled by those who understand and know how to use it.

The holidays are known to be some of the most exciting and the most stressful times of the year.  As a result, during this time, suicide rates climb, illnesses increase, and those with chronic stress and anxiety disorders are faced with even more challenges than during other times of the year.  The Puerto Rican Government, for example, has recently lifted some of the rules regarding Medical Marijuana cards, in an attempt to not only help those with chronic conditions.  The same is happening in other places around the world.  For those who don’t find this time of year cheerful, it can lead to a deep black hole of depression they struggle to climb out of if the problem isn’t managed early on.

TropiZen is a Puerto Rican medical marijuana company about to open their doors later this month. Their dispensary (a sister company) is called Encanna ( and will open shortly after.  Committed to helping those with chronic illness and pain, their CEO, Jay Meistrell, believes that “everyone should have an opportunity to explore and meet with professionals about all their medical options before deciding on a course of action.”

He understands that for many, hearing the Christmas music and seeing Santa Claus at the local mall is not a jolly time.  “For many, this is a time when those with challenges reflect on what they don’t have, instead of what they do, and on how they are going to handle their medical conditions moving forward.”  For those struggling with chronic illnesses this breeds additional stress and anxiety they may not be able to control themselves.  Meistrell’s holiday wish is “to show patients all the options open to them, not just one or two.  When we do this, we open the doors to less pain and new ways to heal.”