The Difference Between American Dip and Swedish Snus

American dip or chew versus Swedish snus are safer alternatives to cigarettes. However, these varieties of smokeless tobacco have features and properties that are unique to each one of them. In this blog, we outline some of the differences between American smokeless tobacco and Swedish smokeless tobacco. 

1. Production 

The first major difference between Swedish snus and American dip is their manufacturing process. American dipping tobacco is fermented, or fire/smoke cured while Swedish snus is steam-pasteurised. Pasteurisation is a safer production method and yields lower toxicant levels. 

2. Levels of Toxins 

The issue of the production method brings us to the next difference between the two forms of smokeless tobacco. The pasteurisation of snus tobacco kills off nitrates, especially tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). When fermented, tobacco yields very high quantities of NTSA. For example, Red Seal which is a type of dip contains 10ppm of TSNAs while General White, a variety of Swedish snus only contains 1.3ppm of TSNAs. 

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are a group of carcinogens that are present in tobacco and have been associated with oral cavity, cancers of the lungs, oesophagus, and liver from both smokeless tobacco usage and cigarette smoking. The substantially lower quantities of NTSA in snus makes it a much safer option when it comes to your health. 

3. Usage 

American dip and Swedish snus go in different places in the lip. Swedish snus goes in the upper lip. Since its very discreet, you can use it at work, college or whatever place and people can’t tell that you have it in your mouth. American dip, on the other hand, goes on the lower lip and usually forms a bulge that is noticeable. 

Another difference between the two types of smokeless tobacco is that snus is spit-free while with dip you have to spit. One reason why snus is spit-free is that it goes in the upper lip, so it doesn’t contact the salivary glands and make a juice up so much. Another reason is that snus is pasteurised, thus contains a small amount of toxins and making your spit safe to swallow. This makes snus superior to dip in school, work environments and other areas where you cannot spit. 

4. Flavours

There is also a great difference in flavour between dip and snus. Namely, dip is much sweeter than snus. However, snus is available in a wider range of flavours than dip whereas Lyft – which can be purchased at SnusDirect – is one of many brands contributing with a broad spectrum of different flavours. 

Despite their differences, both dip and snus are great alternatives to cigarettes. The type of smokeless tobacco you choose largely depends on your preferences. However, most smokeless tobacco users prefer snus because it does not require spitting, it contains fewer toxins, and comes in a variety of flavours. 

The best way to find the newest and most popular Swedish snus brands and products is through eCommerce platforms. Online stores like SnusDirect sell a range of snus products from some of the best brands at an affordable price and with worldwide shipping.