The fight to make private health insurance for single parents more affordable

As a single parent, there are many instances where it feels like life throws unfair curveballs your way. And while a lot of the time these are curveballs that can be dodged relatively easily, there comes moments in life where they are considerably more challenging to overcome. For single parents, there are some advantages and there are some disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is all about doing the best that you can to give your children the best life possible – and disadvantages or no, that is not down to the number of parents in the parenting unit of a family.

One of the most important and unfair disadvantages for single parents, however, is the access to affordable private health insurance. This is an issue that single parents are constantly battling around the world. With less adults taking on the financial responsibilities of keeping a family thriving, it would be expected that private healthcare cover for single parents would be more affordable, but this is sadly often not the case. But are the defining details that ultimately make the difference for single parents when it comes to private healthcare access?

The difference private health insurance makes to single parents

Private health insurance is one of those areas. Single parents are already at a disadvantage because they do not have the opportunity to have income generating from both parents. And while in most areas of life, this is not too unfortunate, when it comes to large costs like education and health insurance, it can prove to be make or break. Private healthcare cover is important always, but for single parents, it can take a lot of the pressure of having to handle every aspect of keeping a family thriving and healthy, off a little – and that is priceless.

The unbelievable difference in private health insurance for single parents

Unbelievably, while two-parent families pay a considerably cost-effective premium for access to private health insurance, that premium is raised significantly for single-parent units. It is entirely backwards and entirely unfair. When it comes to understanding the necessity for, and then actively and consistently fighting for fairer private health insurance for single parents, there is a long way to go. But alas, progress is progress, and there are thankfully finally some positive steps in the right direction to effectively close that gap.

Closing the gap and making private health insurance for single parents more affordable

It goes without saying that the fight to close the gap, essentially making private health insurance for single parents more affordable, is an ongoing battle. Single parents who are striving to give themselves and their families access to private healthcare cover are struggling, but with new incentives and payment plans in place for various healthcare insurance providers the world over, there is finally action towards a viable solution. In fact, more and more private healthcare companies are offering these new ideals. This is a hopeful and promising time for single parents when it comes to private healthcare, and the best is yet to come.