The Importance of “Checking in” on Your Mental Health

The Importance of “Checking in” on Your Mental Health

Mental health is very important and this is a topic that has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. Helen Lee Schifter knows the importance of mental health. In addition to seeing a doctor for physical health, a person needs to be sure they are taking care of their mental needs as well. These are some of the important reasons to take care of mental health according to Schifter.


According to information from researchers around 43.8 million people struggle with some type of mental health condition. This is almost twenty percent of the total population. Mental health disorders are the leading cause of disabilities in the United States. If mental health issues are not treated it will reduce the abilities of each person. It will also have a negative impact on overall happiness and well-being.

Mental and Physical

Mental health has a bigger impact on the mind and the body than most people realize. Mental well-being will affect physical health. Mental health issues are just as bad as physical health issues. They can make life a lot rougher than it needs to be. The mind and the body are connected. When the mind is not well the body will not be well. If the mind is not treated right the body cannot be expected to perform. Stress and anxiety are the worst things for the body. if the mind is impacted by stress a person will feel tired and they will feel run down. It is important to treat mental health issues to keep the body and the mind healthy.

End Shame

There was a stigma that was once associated with mental health. It was never okay to talk about mental health in the past and any issues that a person was having. Now things are changing. It is okay to talk about mental health issues. Mental health is no longer a topic that can not be discussed. Mental health is not a topic where people want to help. There are different options for counseling and support groups. A person will not have to suffer alone. Mental health is something that people are taking seriously and there is help out there for those that may be feeling overwhelmed or like they need some additional support.

Bigger Impact

Helen Lee Schifter believes that if a person is not mentally healthy they will not be able to enjoy any area of their life. Sadness, anxiety, and fear will take over. Interpersonal relationships suffer. The way a person acts is impacted. They may even lose interest in things they have once enjoyed. If a person is not happy and they are not in a good place mentally all areas of their life will be impacted. This is a reason to take care of the mind.

These are some reasons why mental health is important and a person needs to be aware of their mental state. It is now okay to talk about mental health and there is plenty of help out there for those that need some support.