The Importance of Modern Cloud Visibility

The cloud has become an extremely common tool for most businesses today. It’s an effective way to hold large amounts of data safely. This process is enacted, mostly, through outsourcing. Massive companies like Amazon and Google hold the majority of the cloud market. A fact that becomes more impactful once one realizes that 92% of businesses use more than one cloud system. This is why it is essential to have cloud monitoring for your organization in today’s marketplace.

Interestingly though, the cloud isn’t always so easy for businesses to understand or even perceive. While all the data may exist on the cloud, retrieving it in meaningful ways isn’t so easy. Currently most cloud analysis tools are basic, to say the least. They won’t offer analysis on the full scope of the data, and don’t provide all the tools needed. This means things like packet-level analysis and multi-cloud level analysis are unrealistic for most services. 

Yet this is a problem. If a business doesn’t have the proper tools, migration to new services becomes impossible. It will also lead to an inflation of tech as multiple monitoring tools are needed for basic functioning. In an era of dense technology simplicity has become more important than ever. This, over all else, is the importance of cloud visibility. It’s one thing to be connected to the cloud, it’s another entirely to understand it. Understanding this can be the key to modern business success.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action