The Online Fitness World

There is a whole industry that creates profiles for people to follow based on their fitness wants and needs. It makes it so easy for people to work out in the comfort of their homes. Many health professionals like Helen Lee Schifter remember what it’s like before this “Online Fitness World” became live. Many people canceled their long-term gym memberships and rather watched online fitness segments at home. 

With the pandemic, it has made it very difficult for gyms to maintain a high return rate. People are afraid of the exposure they might get in such crowded areas. That being said, the pandemic has actually been beneficial to the online community. Since families are forced to stay home, they will look for online fitness tasks versus going to a gym.YouTube is the biggest video and film platform on the internet. It has fully shaped the industry and many are excited to see what the platform will do next. In addition, there are now cycling bikes like Peloton that connect to virtual classes. All these are great ways that many, like Helen Lee Schifter, stay in shape.