The Psychological Side of Plastic Surgery

We all have some part of our face or body that we’d love to adjust or otherwise alter. Whether it’s the Roman nose genetics gifted us from our father’s side of the family or a chest that doesn’t inspire the self-confidence that we need to step outside proudly. Plastic surgery offers a way for us to get the changes and achieve the results that will help to restore in us that missing self-confidence.

But is plastic surgery a healthy choice for each person, in terms of their emotional and mental health? There are countless stories around the world, showing men and women who have taken plastic surgery to extremes. How do you know if plastic surgery is going to be the right choice for you?

What is your why?

Plastic surgery is a polarizing topic of discussion in most social groups, but it’s important to shut out the voices of others when you are making decisions for yourself. Plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Perron encourages patients to ask themselves questions about the procedures that they are interested in pursuing.

What is your reason for wanting to have cosmetic surgery? Each person will have a reason as unique and as individual as they are. Perhaps it’s to reduce the size of your breasts? Perhaps you’re looking to spot reduce stubborn cellulite? Are you looking to enhance your features or completely change them? Cosmetic surgery should be a tool to help enhance your natural beauty more than lead you to look like a completely different person.

It all comes down to self-image and what will help you to feel your absolute best when you look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with taking steps to help give you that self-confidence that you have been lacking.

Be sure that you are not considering plastic surgery as a means of appeasing someone else. This will ultimately not give you the results that you are looking for.

Considering your mental health

Before any cosmetic surgeon agrees to work on you, your physical health must be evaluated. It’s also wise to evaluate your mental and emotional health prior to undergoing a procedure.

Again, consider why you’re interested in this procedure. What do you hope will be the realistic results from it? Be sure to discuss your cosmetic goals with your surgeon so that you can get a realistic idea as to what your individual results may be.

Patients who have a history of depression, anxiety or impulsiveness should ensure that their mental health is as stable as their weight is prior to undergoing a cosmetic procedure. When you are in a good place physically, mentally and emotionally, you’ll find that you have much more satisfaction with the results of your cosmetic surgery.

Sit on the decision for a bit

You know your why, and you’re in a good mental health space. This is a good time to consider why you’re interested in getting the surgery done now. Why now? Is it related to a milestone birthday? Or is the time simply right now because you’re financially stable?

If you find that your drive to get the procedure or procedures done is still as strong in a week or even a month, then you should feel confident in your decision.

Be sure that you understand that cosmetic surgery cannot make you look just like a celebrity or someone else whom you admire. It can help to alter your nose so it’s better proportioned for your face, or remove excess skin after weight loss. But it will not make you look like a completely different person. You may feel like a completely different and confident person after, and that should be your goal from your cosmetic procedures.