The Reason Your Stomach is Inflamed and How It’s Affecting You

The health crazes as of late have been a little hard to wrap your head around. Everybody seems to have a different opinion about everything so it’s almost impossible to make a decision about how you personally feel about a subject. This means that most people resort to giving up completely. What else are they supposed to do?

However, the mentality of giving up just because you can’t seem to see answers is not the mentality that has brought any good out of anything. If Thomas Edison had given up the 999th time he didn’t make the light bulb, we would all be in the dark today.

Thankfully, the world is full of people who persevere and innovate in the face of trials and tragedy. So speaking of health, and in regards to your health, what’s currently affecting you? Inability to lose weight? Upset stomach all the time? Bloat? Fatigue? Irregularity in the potty department? If any of these symptoms are you, your stomach might just be inflamed. Here are the tops reasons your stomach is inflamed, and how it’s affecting you in your day to day life:


The number one reason for inflammation comes down to diet. There is credibility to the rumors out there. Think about it. For thousands of years, your ancestors have lived off of the land. Raw, unprocessed, cream from the cow, and wheat from the field. In 1982, GMO made its first appearance into the world. Now some people don’t believe GMO is a problem, but when you change the genetic structures of food and put in into a body that is used to digesting things that look completely different, it’s going to cause some changes and at the least, discomfort.

Foods like gluten, corn, soy, dairy, and processed foods play a huge part in stomach inflammation because it shocks your stomach lining, rips it to shreds, and your body has to protect itself. When you have too much inflammation for too long, it leads to things like leaky gut syndrome and weight gain.

The Effect

Though there are other causes to an inflamed stomach lining, the biggest of the culprits is the very food that you’re putting in your body. It can be overwhelming to think about cutting out these factors because that means you need to cut out refined sugar, processed foods, dyes, dyes, additives, and preservatives, but if you do, you’ll find that your body releases weight it’s holding onto. You’ll also find that you can once again eat without feeling immediately sick, weighed down, or bloated.

Your body will also not have to focus all of its energy on figuring out where what to do with the foreign substances you’re putting into it and your immune system will heal itself and you’ll have more energy. This is the health crisis of today’s society. Heal the stomach and you’ll heal a lot more things along with it.