The Wolf of Weed Street and the Recent Liberalization of Cannabis Products Around the World

As countries around the world change the legal status of cannabis, more and more business ventures have sprouted within this burgeoning industry. The economic benefits of the legalized industry are immense for all the parties involved, including government coffers.

However, human nature being as it is, a legalized cannabis market and its investment opportunities can sometimes lead to excessive greed and resulting fraud.

In her new financial thriller, author Sabine Frisch delves into the world of smooth-talking Connor Beauregard in a fast-paced work of fiction, The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon One.

Trading Frenzy

One of the main reasons for removing cannabis from the list of controlled substances was that governments could erase, or minimize,  the criminality around the production and consumption of such a widely used product. So far it all sounds very good, but many issues still persist in an industry with many grey areas, overregulation, and the greediness of all concerned, including over-taxation.

The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon One is part of four planned books about Beauregard’s business startup, Perfect Cannabis. Within the book series, readers will follow the birth, setup, growth, and hubris of the business and the thought-provoking characters developed by Frisch.

Connor Beauregard learned a trick or two about raising money from his preacher father, who used his fiery sermons to raise funds without any qualms or regrets.

As Connor sets about building the most prominent cannabis operation in the country, he soon faces a roller coaster ride. First, readers meet his leading business partner Rafael. Then follow the introduction of Kayla Montecito, his soon-to-be girlfriend, and, finally, the mysterious Al. Soon the business is facing challenges that make Connor Beauregard more determined than ever to achieve his goals – no matter what.

When reading the first part of this financial thriller, one cannot resist thinking that the charismatic Connor could easily be thought of as the Wolf of Weed Street as he enters the world of cannabis, living the high life, and the ensuing fall from grace.

Meeting Sabine Frisch

Sabine Frisch has always had a keen sense of observation and a vivid imagination that often dismayed even her parents. She is also a passionate reader who loves to consider how she would have approached the topic of her latest read. Writing is the natural outlet for her to create fascinating characters and situations taken from all the influences she laps up.

The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon One is not Sabine’s first book. She also wrote an entertaining romance series called the “Soundmaster Romance Series.”

On the Cannabis Preacher, Sabine Frisch says, “Anyone who has ever lost money investing in the stock market will likely feel they have met all these people before as I make my introduction to the main characters. I aim to provide an insider’s perception into how a great idea can go wrong in a world where fraud, corrupt politicians, and smooth-talking promoters can lead people astray.”

Her life in a small German town was not that interesting, but her life took her to some thought-provoking places. Across Europe, South East Asia, and Canada, she has lived through experiences that have left deep impressions. In some way or another, these inevitably find their way into her captivating works of fiction.

Ms. Frisch’s first-hand experience in the business world provides her with unique insights thanks to her role as a venture capital insider. Over the years, she has overseen global beer, cannabis, and mining projects. In addition, her role in administrative positions in several companies gave her the insight required about all the inner workings of a cannabis business startup.

Amid rave reviews at Amazon and on Good Reads, author Sabine Frisch and her observations and imagination have given the world of fiction an interesting insight into the liberalization of cannabis products and human nature.

When Frisch is not contemplating her subsequent work or writing, she loves relaxing in her sunroom overlooking Lake Ontario, thinking and analyzing. Beyond reading and writing, her hobbies include digital art, dogs, and nature. We almost forgot to mention that she also finds it thrilling to jump out of planes.

In Parting

The recent liberalization of cannabis products in several countries and her experiences in the world of business startups led to Sabine Frisch’s inspiration to create her fast-paced financial thriller, The Cannabis Preacher Sermon One. On completion, we won’t blame you if you are as impatient as us to read the follow-up to the series. Stay tuned with Sabine Frisch to learn more.