Top emerging beauty trends in 2016

The global beauty market is worth hundreds of billion ($382 billion to be precise) each year and businesses are competing hard to stay on top of their game. Each passing year comes with its round of newcomers and emerging trends that can take over the entire market and change the face of the global beauty business entirely.

  1. Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is still flying high in 2016 and beauty hotspots around the world such as Harley Street in London, Dubai and Korea have to cope with the growing demand for all the latest minimally-invasive procedures. While nose jobs and liposuction remain some of the most popular procedures, with less downtime and increasingly better results due to improving pharmaceuticals and technologies, more and more beauty customers are rushing to the clinics to get the latest filler or injection procedure done instead. Micro-needling, microdermabrasion, laser therapy and non-surgical body contouring are all the rage at the moment. These new procedures allow to target specific areas of the body and/or face to achieve the desired look and are fast revolutionizing the entire beauty industry.

  1. Celebrity-owned beauty businesses

Another big trend that’s certainly grown a lot in 2016 is the rise of celebrity-owned beauty businesses. For a lot of them, the hope of turning their lifestyle into a very lucrative affair is the driving force but while many celebrities can boast an entrepreneurial spirit, few of these businesses can actually pass the test of time. Success stories include actress and beauty entrepreneur Salma Hayek hair and skin care range, Alicia Silverstone’s organic makeup range, singer Hayley Williams’ hair products range or more surprisingly, Kim Kardashian’s very own organic botox. Celebrity endorsement is not going away anytime soon.

  1. Natural beauty trend

Rather paradoxically, in parallel to cosmetic surgery’s soaring popularity and exposure, the clean beauty business is booming. Revolving around natural and non-toxic ingredients, this trend is giving the beauty industry a complete makeover. Clean beauty brands are very specific in terms of choosing the most natural, non-toxic ingredients and can boast transparent formulations in order to empower consumers. Holistic medicine in particular is a great influence for two of the bigger players on the market, Kipris by Chase Polan from Arizona and LeahLani based in Hawaii.
Spirituality is actually good news for the overall beauty industry: the pressure induced by consumers and clean beauty entrepreneurs alike onto bigger cosmetics groups is forcing them to revise and clean up their act entirely as well as to become more transparent about the type of ingredients and methods used during production. It all makes for a safer market in the end, more respectful of our bodies and of the environment.