Top Foods From Ayurveda you Should Add to Your Diet Now

One of Ayurveda’s advantages is that it’s based fully on natural ingredients such as herbal oils and cosmetic products. Ayurveda diet is an important part of the healing methods of this ancient medicine and it really has a positive effect on numerous health problems.  Ayurveda believes that natural and fresh foods can speed the recovery process or even prevent the diseases from appearing in the first place. In Ayurveda it’s important what you eat, when you eat it and how you eat it.

Here is our list of Ayurveda foods  we recommend you to eat daily to improve your overall health and live a better and happier life:


Although lemons aren’t a food that is found only in India, they have a leading role in Ayurveda diet. They literally purify our body from the toxic and poisonous substances.


Ghee butter is another food which has numerous health benefits. It’s really easily absorbed by the body and it plays an important role in transporting the food nutrients all over it. It makes our bones grow strong as it contains vitamin K12 which helps our body absorb the calcium from the food and prevents atherosclerosis because it removes the risk of calcification of the arteries. It reduces high cholesterol and blood pressure as it contains conjugated linoleic acid. Ghee butter also fights inflammation because of it butyrate content which increases body’s alkalinity and enhances proper digestion. And because it contains medium-chain fatty acids ghee can help us lose weight as this ingredient urges our body to burn more fat and keep a healthy metabolism. Ghee is believed also to be a longevity food.

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It’s called a universal remedy and that’s absolutely true since ginger positively affects many health problems. It has a lot of applications: it can be add to smoothies, juices, in desserts, sprinkled as a spice over everyday meals, drank as a tea, taken in oil form. Ginger heals inflammation, boosts up the metabolism and helps poor digestion and stomach disorders.


Dates are truly one of the sweetest nature’s treats. They provide our bodies with a good source of energy, offer rich fiber and mineral content and help our body create tissues. Just make sure you don’t overdo on them because although they are healthy, they are a highly sugary food.


This traditional easy to make Indian drink is a good option when you suffer from bad digestion. It’s made by mixing yoghurt with water, spices such as mint and sometimes fruit like mango pulp and it can be sweetened with sugar or honey. It can be served with cardamom, salt or ground cumin seeds sprinkled on top. You can drink it during or after a meal.

Mung beans

This type of beans are a real nutritional bomb and are really easy to digest. They help us feel full after eating without experiencing heaviness. Their health benefits include lowering blood pressure, prevention of heart disease, decreasing the risk of diabetes, strengthening the immunity, protecting against flu and infections. And they can be beneficial to cancer diseases since they contain a rich amount of antioxidants. Mung beans contain many minerals, oligosaccharides and polyphenols – amino acids that give them their anti-cancer properties. In India they are consumed with rice or other grains.