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Treadmill VS. Outdoor Running

The debate between treadmills and outdoor running has been a constant in athletic history. Both have pros and cons. Exercise experts like Helen Lee Schifter use their knowledge on activity to add to the debate. It may seem difficult for those opposing the differentiating side to understand that both have great contributions to athleticism and sports. 

Treadmills are wonderful for when winter comes. In addition, horses even use large treadmills to practice running for minutes at a time. This technology has really transformed the sports industry and to this day, new variations are being produced for the common consumer. Treadmills have the advantage when it comes to weather and convenience. When one is running outside during low degree weather, it can be harmful to their lungs.However, during the warmer months, running outside is great for joint pain and to lose weight. Fresh air is always going to be of higher quality and can help with brain function as well. Helen Lee Schifter explains that outdoor activity is superior to her because she enjoys not only running but yoga, walking, and meditating outdoors. Both are great, it just depends on personal preference.