Side view portrait of dentist treating teeth of cute little boy sitting in dental chair, filling cavities and doing professional cleaning

Why Drinking Water is Critical for Children

When a person drinks that right amount of water in a day, the body is reflective of that. Yes, juices, sodas, and even alcohol can be tempting, but they aren’t what our bodies need. Water is very important for our wellness, according to Helen Lee Schifter. It’s very necessary for the development and especially in younger children.

It may seem like a difficult task to get kids drinking water, but it can only help them grow. Juices and sodas are completely fine occasionally, just not every day. When children exercise or are ill, they lose a lot of fluids. Being dehydrated is a common loss of children and really impacts their health.  As children grow into adults, the practices they learn will be passed down to future generations. If they are taught to drink lots of water in their youth, their bodies will be healthier in the long run. Diseases like diabetes, which is very prominent in America, can easily be avoided with healthy water intake. Helen Lee Schifter is a mom who understands that fulfilling children’s wants is tempting. However, having them maintain healthy diets and regimens is more important than anything.