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Ways to Support Healthcare Workers

The healthcare workers of this country are truly the heroes of 2020. When it comes to the virus, healthcare workers like Chanoch Harow, are putting themselves in danger to help others. These doctors, nurses, therapists, all have families at home. These healthcare workers are putting themselves and their families at risk by working diligently to help find a cure while taking care of those who need it. 

One way to help these healthcare workers is by donating lunches. If one has a restaurant or grocery store they can donate premade lunches to support healthcare workers. This is a substantial help for them since they aren’t allowed to bring anything in from their homes due to COVID-19. Many healthcare workers are exhausted and need a rejuvenation. By giving them a spa visit or free therapy session, their mental health increases.Another way is by donating to places like The Red Cross. In addition, by simply wearing a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19, thousands of lives can be saved. Being active about one’s health and ways to stop the spread of others, is one of the best ways to help healthcare workers like Chanoch Harow. It is very important to remain strong for those who are working diligently to save the lives of millions.