Women’s Healthy Weight Loss Program: 80% Diet and 20% Exercise

Despite all the hype generated around the efficiency of intense daily workouts, studies show that a healthy weight loss program for women must be focused on the diet by at least 80%. Exercise is indeed important and necessary for maintaining one’s wellbeing. However, in terms of losing excess pounds, nutritional changes are much more effective.

According to the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, more than 2 in 3 adults in the US were either overweight or had obesity. The situation hasn’t changed for the better. Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to gaining excess pounds than men. This is caused by the differences in hormonal levels and some complex biochemical reactions taking place in women’s bodies. This means that losing weight is also harder for women, therefore they must seek the most efficient programs.

Why Must a Women’s Healthy Weight Loss Program Focus on Diet?

Weight loss is achieved through consuming fewer calories than you burn off. As burning off over 700 calories requires a tremendous physical effort, dietary changes are the most efficient way to lose weight. This is where the popular 80/20 formula of a healthy weight loss program comes from.
One pound of weight equals 3,500 calories that you have to burn in order to lose it. The safest way to achieve this in a week is to cut out about 600 calories through your daily meals and have three intense workout sessions that burn off about 250 calories each. Following this simple plan should allow you to lose a pound every 5 days while staying healthy.

What’s truly important here is to keep your diet well-balanced and filled with vital nutrients. Remember that starving yourself is never an option. While therapeutic fasting might be effective in some situations, as stated by the Journal of Mid-Life Health study, starvation diets are extremely dangerous.

A meal plan for a healthy weight loss program should look like this:

  • Breakfast: 300-350 calories.
    A serving of oatmeal or wholegrain waffles/pancakes with some sliced fruits make great options. You can also consider toast with a boiled egg or some fruit salad. Smoothies and low-fat yogurt are definitely a go.
  • Lunch: 325-400 calories.
    Best dietary lunch meals are salads and soups. Recipes with legumes are best as they make you feel fuller.
  • Snack: up to 200 calories.
    A few nuts or some fruits can help stave off hunger pangs. Be sure to eat your snack on the days when you are working out. If you eat dried fruits, choose products without sugary syrup.
  • Dinner: 500 calories.
    A hearty dinner is a must of any healthy weight loss program. Make sure your meal includes some vegetables, legumes or lean meat, and whole grains. You also shouldn’t forego a simple low-calorie dessert as a treat is needed to keep up your motivation.

If you want to boost the efficiency of your diet without cutting off too many calories, consider using specific ‘fat burning products’. For example, drinking green tea is associated with greater weight loss, according to a meta-analysis of 49 studies posted on NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). The same goes for weight loss pills for women that contain tested ingredients, like coleus forskolii and caffeine powder. Look for healthy tested solutions that will enhance your healthy weight loss program.

Do You Really Have to Work Out When Dieting?

Physical exercise is extremely beneficial to y9our health by default. Regular moderate workouts are associated with a reduced risk of many diseases. This includes the cardiovascular heart disease, which is the main cause of death in the nation. Moreover, an intense workout where you burn about 250 calories allows you the room for that dessert you aren’t skipping.

So, while it’s possible to get the necessary calorie deficit through diet alone, exercising offers so many benefits that skipping it is unwise. That’s why a healthy weight loss program for women is 80% about nutrition and 20% about pleasant workouts that boost endorphin production and make you feel better about yourself.