What Do Healthy People Eat? Finally Revealed!

More people are realizing that being healthy does equate to being wealthy. A healthy body can easily fight off diseases and infection which would otherwise have cost thousands of dollars in medical treatments and interventions. It is much easier to proactively take care of your health than to manage lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Being healthy has other benefits. For example, it greatly increases your productivity leading to a better quality of life. Figuring out what do healthy people eat is one of the first steps to putting you on the right track.

This is why there is a lot of interest in the habits of healthy people and what they do to maintain their healthy bodies. Read on to find out how you can maintain a healthy body through your diet and nutrition.

Guidelines For a Healthy Diet

The actual foods people consume to maintain a healthy diet vary from person to person. However, there are general rules that all healthy people adhere to.

First of all, healthy people eat a diet that is within their recommended daily caloric intake. There are guidelines for how many calories a healthy man or woman should eat based on their height and weight. The guidelines also show how much you should eat when trying to lose weight.

Anyone that eats more than a recommended amount typically can end up overweight and those that eat less than recommended will end up underweight. Both of these conditions are the opposite of health.

Understanding Nutritional Basics

All healthy diets have a balanced number of macronutrients. These are complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Carbohydrates give your body the energy to accomplish daily activities. Protein is used to build and repair tissues while healthy fats are also used for energy as well as helping the brain, heart and optimum nerves to function properly.

Healthy people also drink a sufficient amount of water daily. They tend to avoid sugary drinks like juice, soda or energy drinks and stick to water or unsweetened tea and coffee.

Water is very beneficial to the body as it helps to excrete waste and regulates body temperature. It also lubricates and cushions our tissues, spinal cord and joints. It is therefore important to consume the recommended daily amount of water.

Finally, apart from diet, most healthy people do a form of daily exercise for at least 30 minutes. This does not have to be a session at the gym. It could include walking the dog, gardening, physical activity as part of your work, etc. The kind of exercise doesn’t matter, it is just a requirement that one breaks a sweat for about 30 minutes daily.

What Do Healthy People Eat?

So apart from the general rules, are there nutritious foods that healthy people tend to eat? Here are the top nutritious foods that most healthy people regularly incorporate into their diet.

Complex Carbohydrates

Low carb diets like Keto and Atkins are extremely popular because they are highly effective weight-loss diets. Healthy people, however, do not usually avoid any food groups. This is because they aim to find balance, substitutions and healthier alternatives.

You may instead see people avoiding simple carbohydrates like wheat and sugar and eat complex carbs such as whole grains, vegetables and beans. 

Lean Proteins

Proteins are a major component of healthy people’s diets. Whether or not you are vegetarian there are different foods available that ensure that you consume enough protein for a healthy body.

The most popular foods healthy people eat for protein are beans, fish, poultry and red meat. Although some see red meat as unhealthy, it is a great source of iron hence can be a great part of a healthy diet.

Healthy Fats 

For a long time, fats were seen as the main cause of obesity. This myth has now been dispelled and it is now known that healthy fats are the best source of fuel and they are also very helpful in brain and cell function. 

Healthy people get their fat nutrients from fish, nuts, and plant oils such as coconut, olive and avocado oils. It is important to avoid man-made trans fats as these have been found to cause cancer.


Healthy people eat a lot of vegetables. This is a food group that provides most of the nutrients that your body requires including vitamins and minerals. Most vegetables also have very few calories which allow you to eat them in large quantities and get full without packing calories. 

Vegetables are also great sources of fiber that assist with bowel movements. Some vegetables that healthy people prefer are asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, kale, spinach, tomatoes and onions.

The more colors and leafy greens, the better!

Fruits and Berries

Fruits and berries are healthy people’s snacks. These foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also require no preparation. Some of the most popular fruits and berries that most healthy people eat include apples, avocadoes, bananas, blueberries, oranges and strawberries.

Nuts and Seeds

Healthy people love nuts and seeds because they are nutritious sources of protein and healthy fats. Like fruits, they also require little or no preparation so they can be a handy snack to ward off hunger.

Nuts tend to be very high in calories, so keep in mind to not get carried away with eating too many at a time. Examples of nuts and seeds regularly consumed by healthy people are Almonds, chia seeds, coconuts, macadamia nuts and walnuts.

Healthy Diets Don’t Have to Be Complicated

From the above list, it can be seen that you can find out what do healthy people eat without much complication. Generally, healthy people eat whole foods rather than processed foods and drink water instead of soda and juice.

Follow a similar diet to start living life as a healthier version of yourself. For more tips and advice on health, check out our blog.