What is the Effect of the Human Growth Hormone on Diabetes?

Of mostly health problem diabetes is one that affects people as they grow older. As there is no cure for diabetes it is important that you keep it under control and manage its symptoms. An unconventional addition to the list of diabetes medication is hgh for sale. Most of you may not find it comfortable to use HGH for diabetes but it is a potent solution. Let’s find out more in detail.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that arises when body is not able to process calories properly. These calories are converted into glucose which is then stored in cells to be used as fuel. Body produces insulin in response to rise in the level of glucose in body and this hormone stores glucose in cells and tissues as fuel. There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes: When there is insufficient secretion of insulin
  • Type 2 diabetes: When there is sufficient secretion of insulin but body cells become insensitive or resistant insulin

Both these conditions cause glucose to remain in blood stream causing health problems.

HGH for Diabetes

Human growth hormone supplements are now active used in diabetes medication for number of reasons. The association between growth hormone and diabetes is established from the fact that with aging the risk of diabetes increases. Aging causes decline in growth hormone production and this is the link between HGH and diabetes.

Though not directly but growth hormone manages diabetes through intermediate insulin like growth factor called IGF-1. Similarity of IGF-1 to insulin gives it capability to stimulate glucose from bloodstream into cells that targets the root cause of diabetes. IGF-1 also burns fat which also helps body to fight excess glucose in blood by improving metabolism.

HGH benefits

Impact of growth hormone in diabetes is elaborated by many studies. According to a study conducted at John Hopkins Institute it was found that people with lower levels of HGH have lower sensitivity towards insulin. In two double-blind studies conducted at the Salgrenska University Hospital, results showed that with HGH therapy there is decline in belly fat which helps boosting insulin resistance and also there is 45% decrease in insulin requirements of subjects. Many other studies support the benefit of HGH therapy for diabetes management.

If you are struggling with diabetes talk to your healthcare provider about HGH therapy for diabetes management.