How Swimming Can Benefit You

There are few activities more conducive to excellent physical health than swimming, and that is not only because it prevents drowning. Vigorous activity while immersed in the buoyant, soothing, instantly responsive substance of water has uncounted health benefits, from toning the muscles, to healing the skin, to modulating the heart rate. Swimming functions as physical therapy for those who have been injured and a way to train up to the highest level for athletes. It is good for everyone from a new-born child to the oldest adult. In fact, human beings are born with some ability to swim, and infants have an instinctive ability to move through the water from the moment of birth. There is nothing more natural than swimming, and practice can improve the performance of this fundamental human activity while simultaneously enhancing every aspect of health.

To choose one example from many, the activity of swimming elevates the heart rate to levels that are very useful for training the body and losing weight. However, the cushioning effect of the water prevents stress and trauma from impacts. Even the ordinary microtraumas that come with running or other vigorous exercises are lessened. The isotonic pressure of the water painlessly removes toxins and waste products from the skin while improving cardiovascular pressure across the entire form. The lymphatic system, which is operated entirely by muscular motion, can be spurred to new levels of activity as it clears the system. There are so many benefits, and the basic improvements to musculature and form have yet to be mentioned. Swimming burns an enormous number of calories as the muscles are thoroughly and evenly used. Because of the total body nature of swimming, musculature from the neck to the smallest muscles of the spine are gently but consistently used. This naturally results in stronger arms and legs, but there are also a host of other subtle advantages from improved posture to better function in the GI tract. The pressure of the water and the constant gentle motion of the body can even improve the digestion.

Swimming classes and camps are therefore tremendously helpful to those who wish to improve their health. Compelling scientific research has even shown that the act of swimming in groups has beneficial effects on both health and mental concentration. Race Club swimming camps provide specialized training and proprietary techniques that will help participants make the most out of their time in the water.