What kind of testing does mobile drug testing offer

What kind of testing does mobile drug testing offer

The pandemic has impacted a lot of things, and one of the industries it had a direct effect on is actually the drug and alcohol testing industry. There have been many closures in drug and testing offices, meaning that there’s been an increased demand for mobile drug testing. Combine this with the fact that during times of high stress, such as a pandemic, it’s usual that drug and alcohol use will actually increase, meaning that these services are more important than ever before. If you’re interested in learning more about what kind of testing mobile drug testing offers, keep reading.

What Are Mobile Testing Sites Like?
Mobile testing sites will vary by company and location, but they can be as simple as a collection unit, or as complicated as a lab on wheels. You’ll find that the testing procedure for a mobile test center will be the same as a traditional in office testing center. All the usual procedures are adhered to, including confidentiality and hygiene procedures. St Lucie county drug lab offers a variety of testing options, check out their website to learn more.

What Kind of Testing Does Mobile Drug Testing Offer?
The great news is that mobile drug testing offers all of the standard tests, including urine, hair, blood and saliva tests. They can also help companies with a variety of types of tests, including random testing, pre-employment screening and reasonable cause screening. The mobile drug testing labs will offer a variety of tests that will be location specific, so be sure to check in with your lab to see what’s available.

Benefits to Mobile Drug Testing

One of the main benefits to mobile drug testing is that you can have them visit you at your company’s office, which reduces the need for your employees to travel elsewhere for screening. This results in reduced downtime, which can have significant effects especially if you’re part of a large company.

More accurate testing is one of the benefits of mobile drug testing because it will be less likely that your employee could use a masking agent or try to manipulate the test results in some way. There’s also a reduction in missed tests, because there isn’t the added stress of the worker having to make their own way out to the lab.

There are not really any negatives to mobile drug testing, the only one I can think of is that there’s potentially a negative stigma about having a drug testing vehicle on the company’s premises. But as drug testing is a relatively infrequent event, I would say that the positives far outweigh any negatives.

Drug testing is an important part of ensuring your workers are keeping themselves healthy and ensuring the safety of everyone around them. Mobile drug testing offers a more convenient way to have your staff tested, while improving compliance and allowing you to feel confident in your testing.