What To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Filtration Device

Our world is filled with different water filters. Ranging from the capacity to durability, the best water filter may not be easily identified without understanding some particular facts about them.

When selecting the best water filtration devices available, one thing is constant. That being that reverse osmosis systems (RO) are usually regarded by reviewers and engineers as the best. However, an RO system might not always be the best fit for your home. For example, if you wish to filter the bathing water too, then a whole house water filter would be a much better fit.

While there are many types and forms of RO, it is worth noting that they are all somewhat similar in their function. Multiple filter stages can bring extra benefits like alkaline water and more favorable pH, but they all filter out contaminants in the same way.

To make things simpler for those who want to buy the best filtration device,i.e. reverse osmosis system, I have prepared a list of things to consider before buying one. Here are 5 things to look for in an RO system:

#1. Note Your Water Type and its Contaminants

Before purchasing a water filter like a Berkey it’s very important to understand which contaminants are in your water. You can demand a water quality report from your local water supplier or even test it yourself with a simple kit. Once you have this information you can set about choosing the right water filter for your problem.

#2. Buy an RO System with Over 4-Stage Filter

Oftentimes, people ask what kind of RO filter to purchase because there are many in the market. In my opinion, always go for the one with a minimum of 4-stages.The reason that systems with 4-stages are best is because they often contain extra features that can make the water taste better and add healthy minerals back to the water.

Systems with 6 and 7 stages often replenish mineral levels in the water and treat the pH to make the water more alkaline. This is desirable because a downside of some RO systems is that they remove healthy minerals during the filtration process.

#3. Consider The Cost.

Due to the type of service an RO filter does, it is to some extent expensive. However, if you factor into this the amount of money you might spend on bottled water, or the peace of mind you will get from knowing that your water is safe, then it really doesn’t seem that high a price to pay.

#4. Read Online Reviews or Speak to Neighbours

It is possible you have someone in your neighbourhood who might have used an RO system and can comment on their effectiveness on your local water. Checking comments on sites like Amazon is also a great way to gauge public opinion.

#5. Choose Filters That are Easy to Change And Diagnose

When your filters need changed, you are going to have to do this yourself. For this reason, you might choose a system that has an easy change mechanism or that has long lasting filters that don’t need changed very often. Always consider the cost of filters too. This is the main cost when running a water filter system.