Pilates for Weight Loss and Toning

Most people exercise because they want to lose weight. Is it safe to say that all exercise regimes will make you lose weight? Pilates, just like Yoga work on improving posture, increasing flexibility, improving mobility of the joints, improving posture and body toning. There are however some Pilates techniques that will make you lose weight.

Although Pilates is not a weight loss exercise, it is still an exercise regime and just like any other exercise it will definitely make you burn some calories.

The amount of calories you will burn with Pilates depends on the intensity of the movements. It is important to keep in mind that as compared to exercise regimes that focus on weight loss, Pirates is not really very efficient in losing calories but it can.

Pilates, Weight Loss and Body Toning

If you want to exercise to quickly lose weight, Pilates is not for you. However if you are looking for an exercise regime that will make you lose weight and at the same time tone your body, then Pilates will be able to help in the long term.

Here is how Pilates can help you eventually lose weight and tone your body:

  1. Pilates can give you a leaner appearance because it tones your midsection muscles which will give shape your body. A better shaped body is one of the reasons most people exercise so in this aspect, this Pilates technique can be a good help.
  2. Pilates makes you do a lot of movements. It is a known fact that if you do a lot of movements, you will burn calories.
  3. If you want to lose weight, you will need a lot of physical strength to do intense exercises. Overweight people endlessly struggle to perform intense weight loss exercises. Pilates can help you build strength to endure intense exercises to eventually lose weight.
  4. Pilates benefits your mind and spirit in the same way your body does. According to Inspire Health, “Having the right attitude toward weight loss will help you lose more weight.”

Pilates directly and indirectly works on making you lose weight and tone your body.

The Pilates Reformer

Using the Pilates Reformer is a technique that will help you in your quest for weight loss and body toning. Consistently working out on the Reformer will allow you to lose fats in your thighs, waist and triceps. You will also be able to tone your body.

You however need to be committed to work on the reformer for an hour each session, twice week and for a minimum of 4 weeks. Don’t worry, the reformer allows you to do more exercises which will place variety on your Pilates work out.

The Reformer is the most popular and important Pilates equipment. There are more or less 250 exercises you can do on the reformer.

The calories you can burn working out in this equipment is dependent on your weight, the intensity of your working and the length of time you exercise. You can check this review at Gym Gear Info to find the right Pilates reformers model for you.

As a beginner (150 lbs) you have the potential of burning 250 calories with a 60 minute workout. If you are in the advance level and also at 150 lbs, you can burn about 450 calories in 60 minutes.

The calories you can potentially burn with Pilates is more than walking but less than running. You can really lose weight with the Pilates Reformer but not as much as exercise regimens that deal mainly with weight loss.

Using the Reformer is more than just burning calories. It will give your entire body a good workout focusing on the core which will help you develop balance and reduce the size of your waist. Working out on the Pilates Reformer allows you to lose some weight while getting all the benefits of a Pilates workout.