What To Look For In Your Eye Doctor

Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body –they need to be looked after properly and so, when you’re considering any kind of treatment or surgery on your eyes, you need to ensure that it’s with someone you can trust. We’re going to tell just what to look for in an eye doctor, so that you know how to make the best decision.

Experience is Vital

This is something that’s almost indescribably important – if you’re considering having any kind of eye surgery done, then it needs to be done by someone who has a lot of experience in the field. Take laser eye surgery for example – one common myth is that it’s the laser that does all the work, so it doesn’t matter too much who wields it. This couldn’t be further from the truth – laser eye surgery is a very precise procedure and requires a great deal of skill. So, look for doctors who have practical experience of thousands of procedures as well as all the necessary qualifications. Don’t be afraid to ask to see certification to back up any claims the doctors make!

Look for a Clinic That Cares

Eye surgery is not just about processing people – it’s about consulting with each patient to make sure the procedure fits their individual needs. Look for a clinic that offers routine eye exams and other treatments as well as just laser eye surgery – it’s a good indicator that the eye doctors care about your all-round visual health rather than just the big ticket procedures. See what else is on offer too –  some clinics will send cars to pick you up and take you home again after the procedure, which is important when you’re adjusting to your new vision!

Find the Best Doctors for Your Needs

It’s also important to find a clinic that’s handy for you – with three clinics in New York and Long Island, Stahl Eyecare Experts are bound to have a location that’s convenient. And if you’re looking for experience, credentials and great levels of care, they have that too. With three doctors who have performed over 40,000 laser eye procedures between them and have written books and taught on the subject, you can be assured that your eyes are in safe hands. They are also committed to all-round care and community engagement – for example, they performed laser eye surgery on 500 NY firefighters as part of a community initiative, helping them to be more effective when fighting fires (wearing contacts in a smoke-filled building is not a pleasant experience!). The Stahl doctors continue the work of Norman Stahl MD, who was a pioneer in the refractive surgery field, and have a host of qualifications as well as practical experience.

Make a Wise Choice

Deciding whether to undergo any major surgery or treatment on your eyes is a big decision. But with all this information, you can make the best choice and look forward to a clearer-looking future!