Better Options for a Better Sex Life

Women have been using Kegel exercises since 1948 to help control urinary incontinence and increase their sexual ability and pleasure.  The exercises can be done anywhere, at any time, and require very little space.  They are a series of contractions done with the pelvic floor muscles, and can be performed while standing up, sitting down, or laying down.  The pelvic floor, or pelvic diaphragm, contains muscle fibers connected to the various sexual and anal mechanisms in both the male and the female.  In mild cases of female sexual dysfunction the Kegel exercises have proven to be slightly effective.  Many doctors speculate that the reason they work at all is because of the “placebo effect”, in which anything done proactively for a medical condition tends to work positively on the patient’s mind, and hence on the physical malady itself.


But in the last fifteen years, as laser surgery has become more refined, of shorter duration and much  safer and convenient, another technique has been developed to help women reach their full sexual potential.  It is an out-patient procedure known as laser vaginal rejuvenation, also called vaginal tightening surgery.  It is being performed by several dozen of the top gynecologists in the United States today.

Invasive reconstructive surgery to correct dysfunction or heighten sexual pleasure was not an attractive option to many women after child birth, especially after a caesarean, when there could be other complications such as uterine and vaginal prolapse.  Traditional surgery meant a hospital say of several days, with extreme discomfort.  Laser surgery has proven to be 100% as effective as traditional measures used to give woman what they were initially shy about requesting – the tightening of vaginal looseness.  Clinical studies have proven conclusively that strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles leads to a better coitus experience for both partners.


Based on earlier and similar laser procedures, such as hysteroscopic surgery, which is used to correct bleeding problems in the uterus through the vagina, laser vaginal rejuvenation takes only one hour to perform and lets the patient go home the very same day it is performed.  In most cases, only a local anesthetic is used.

Dr. Joseph Berenholz, MD, of the Laser Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan, says “Sexual gratification for women is directly related to the amount of frictional forces generated, according to Masters and Johnson.”

Advanced laser technology is now making it possible for women from all areas of the world to have viable options for vaginal cosmetic and tightening issues.

Author Jared Hansen is a sex and relationship expert, who advocates vaginal rejuvenation to help couples regain their passion and heal their relationships.