What’s REALLY The Best Way To Lose Weight?


Losing weight has been in the spotlight for decades. We’ve seen dangerous diets and inspirational success stories for years. And it has a lot of people confused. It’s no surprise when you think about it. There are so many supposed ways of eliminating those extra rolls of fat.

In this article, we cut through the garbage and concentrate on the principles behind weight loss, so you can discover the true solution to losing weight.

Health before Aesthetics

Losing weight itself isn’t difficult. You could starve yourself for a few weeks and get that bikini body you want. This isn’t a healthy way of doing things, though. And this is the problem. So many solutions that promise weight loss don’t deliver health at the same time.

People who lose weight in an unhealthy way tend to put the weight back on later. They don’t instill good habits or a positive outlook on health and body image. A real dietary regime should focus on losing weight and developing healthy behaviors that ensure the weight never comes back.

Keeping the Treats

Junk food is often the main bugbear for dieters. You get these crash diets that convince people they have to quit everything they love to get the body they want. This isn’t the case at all.

New systems like the Nutrisystem regime allow you to maintain a certain amount of junk food in your diet. It adheres to the principle of portion control. Losing weight is essentially about controlling the number of calories you take in. Why do you think so many people can go out for a greasy burger without becoming overweight?

Exercise Still a Factor

It seems like the diet world has finally woken up to the realities of how things work. You don’t have to spend hours pounding away on a treadmill. About 80 per cent of the process revolves around being able to eat healthily. Exercise is a comparatively small part of weight loss, although it’s still a key pillar of losing weight in a healthy way.

While you might think it’s all about the diet, you need to continue to focus on becoming active. It doesn’t take much to get at least 45 minutes of activity in each day. Instead of commuting to work, walk some of the way and park a greater distance away from the office.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go out for a pizza instead of ordering in. Get around to those annoying household chores. Little changes to your life can help to burn those calories.


Ignore any diet or health regime that has you doing 101 exercises and taking in all kinds of odd supplements you’ve never heard of. Firstly, these diets rarely work and only exist to convince people to buy something.

Plus, losing weight still adheres to the same principles of caloric balance and making changes to your fitness and eating habits. It’s really that simple. And you don’t need to spend money on expensive systems to do it.

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