Why natural remedies are the new favorite

By: Bryce Buyna

Natural remedies for relief are the new favorite in today’s society. You reap all of the benefits of old medication methods without the actual use of medications, and this is just flat out incredible. 

A problem that has stayed persistent amongst the world for a long time now is how to combat against inflammation, and not only how to combat against it, but how to combat against it in a way where a person doesn’t have to shove pills in their mouth every few hours just to gain the relief from it. The best natural anti inflammatory comes in a few different methods, ALL NATURAL pills, creams that can be rubbed onto specific parts of the body, and different techniques such as cryotherapy. These are just much more attractive than taking pills that will destroy your insides, and possibly make one gain a physical dependence to. 

There have been many studies done on this specific topic as well, the studies ring true to favor the natural remedies every time. There is just too much to worry about when it’s an over the counter medication or something that is being released by a massive pharmaceutical company. These massive companies don’t really care about the damage they are doing to individuals, they care about giving these people a temporary fix so they don’t think twice about taking it the next time, and the next time, and the time after that, and so on! Give these natural remedies a shot and I’m sure you will be pleased with the results you gain from it. It comes down to the simple idea that people have been battling for years now, and that’s that major pharmaceutical companies do not care about the people taking their medications, they care about the money. That’s why the more and more people that speak of these natural remedies, and cause for them to gain popularity, the more upset these large companies are getting. People have only thought of these simple ways to get rid of inflammation and more for the longest time, and now with these innovative new ways to combat these problems, pharmaceutical companies are losing business.

However, making pharmaceutical companies lose business isn’t really the goal of any of these new companies paving the way. The goal is to give humans a better chance at a healthier lifestyle. These companies are on the side of the humans rather than the side of the money and that can be immensely respected. Next time you have some free time, take all a second to look up an over the counter medication you take, look up the company that makes that specific medication and then look up the revenue of that company. The results will do nothing but scare you. It’s important to give these natural remedies a chance, because you are giving your body a better chance then too. Instead of taking a pill to make some inflammation go down, rub some cream on it, which is most of the time faster acting as well. Instead of drinking some syrup, take an all natural supplement that has been tested immensely, and that has no negative side effects on the body or mind.  These methods are sure to be more positive than those of the latter. 

All natural pain relief is the new thing, and it will not be going away soon. People are finally becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies, rather than just taking anything and putting it in their body because a doctor has told them to.