Why Organic Beauty Products Are Better

The natural sciences agree that the current age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. The first land plants appeared 470 million years ago, and have had time to adapt and evolve ever since. Consequently, when humans came along about 200 thousand years ago, there were already a wide variety of plants with different organic compound profiles. All of these evolved to serve specific needs within environmental niches.

Modern industry, by contrast, has only been going on for roughly a couple of centuries, and at the farthest stretch is based in science branches such as alchemy and apothecary. This tells us that organic, natural compounds have a few hundred thousand years head start over all of our laboratory tinkering. In fact, when we differentiate organic from non-organic products, the non-organic ones began with natural compounds and elements anyway, then they have been altered through chemical processes.

Is “older” better?

The nut of the matter is that when we invent a new chemical process, we have less time for that formula to be tested. Contrast a natural ingredient like chamomile, which has been used in natural remedies for thousands of years. We’ve just had more time to study the compound we already had available. Everything we could possibly about that ingredient has already been documented long before.

Beauty product companies like Cel MD have come to the forefront of the new organic beauty care movement. Meeting consumer demand for more natural solutions, organic products have been recognized as a sounder and more efficient way to direct our health and wellness. There really is a natural compound of some kind or another for almost every need, if we only research it enough. We want to seal moisture into our hair, repel toxins, or balance our PH level. Luckily, there’s a plant that solved that problem thousands of years ago, evolving an organic compound to survive in a given environment.

The link between health and beauty

People have also evolved in harmony with natural resources, again for thousands of years. In fact, most of the time when we have a medical issue, it’s caused by fighting our intrinsic needs which developed over centuries. For instance, the obesity epidemic didn’t start until we created lives where we drive to work and sit at a desk all day. Primal humans, on the other hand, evolved walking the plains.

Just as we get our best nutrition from organic sources, it turns out most of our ideal beauty standards are met by organic sources as well. For instance, so much of what we look like on the outside depends on what we put inside. We’re discovering that beauty is not an isolated effect, but a natural consequence of our physical and even mental health. By taking this holistic approach, we get better harmony in our overall goals to feel good as well as look good.

Organic is better for the environment too

Maybe not everybody thinks of our global health when we go to buy skin cream, but we ought to be. Environmental impact is becoming the kind of thing most of us think about daily. Global spokespeople like Greta Thunberg have inspired consumers to seek out the most environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions wherever possible.

It’s easy to see where organic ingredients are more ecologically responsible. For every natural compound, there’s a natural process for breaking it down and returning it to the ecosystem. Contrast that with our own industrial chemicals, which pose a problem of disposal because there’s no viable way for them to biodegrade. Organic ingredients are also more sustainable since they’re just harvested from natural sources instead of needing a chemical plant to produce.

The bottom line is, sometimes you really can’t improve on nature.