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Why Therapy Should Be Normalized

Therapy Should Be The New Normal

In the world like we live in today, therapy should be something we can talk about as easily as any other doctor appointment. Why haven’t we normalized therapy yet? Diego Ruiz Duran believes that going to therapy is important.

We live in 2021. There should be no reason that people feel demonized, or like less than a person, if they seek out therapy, or any help for their mental health. For so many years people have put down people with mental health problems, or anybody who sees therapists in Denver. Just slap them with a crazy label, and that’s not the case. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help. Duran encourages you to reach out to a therapist, if you ever feel like you need one.

Going to therapy is a life changing experience for many people. With the world we live in today, we should have no problem with being more accepting of those with mental health issues, and also encourage them to see a therapist as well. Putting others down for something that they cannot help, is purely wrong. We should be helping them, encouraging them, and not downing them, shaming them.

In the world that we live in, with the technology that we have, meeting with a therapist can be so easy. Not only can you go to a physical appointment, you are also able to do appointments with them via video calls now, too. It’s such a convenience to be able to have that option. It could come in handy for people who suffer with anxiety, and panic attacks so much. To know that you can talk with your therapist that easily.

Diego Ruiz Duran stresses that there is no need for shame, or feeling ashamed if you need to talk with a therapist. Reaching out when you need a helping hand, and having someone there to help you get back up, that is an amazing thing to have. Talking to a therapist should feel like talking with a friend, that comfort level. Us, as a society, should encourage others to seek help, if they feel that they need it. We may even know people that are struggling, being weighed down by burdens, who could use therapy, but yet we say nothing, because we feel as if it’s a taboo subject. It’s not, I promise. If you think someone may be struggling please encourage them to see a therapist, and explain how it can help make their life better.

Therapists are here to help people with every different mental health issue, whether it’s a personality disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, anxiety, etc. They are even here for people who just have a lot going on, are so stressed out, they just need someone to vent to. They’re always here to help you, and going to them isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, or that anything is wrong with you. It means you’re human, and sometimes talking about what is stressing you out, or bothering you, is what it takes to feel better.