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Why You Should Supplement your Diet with Vitamins


Making healthy lifestyle choices has become an integral part of the holistic philosophy that so many espouse nowadays.  Gone for good, we hope, are the days when tobacco, alcohol, and sweets were often the only thing fueling the human body during a lifetime of work and play.  Solid dietary knowledge has been expanding since the beginning of the Twentieth century, slowly replacing quack beliefs and folk remedies that often were worse than the conditions they were meant to alleviate!

No matter if you are a professional athlete or an office worker chained to your desk, you now have the freedom and opportunity to settle on a variety of healthy options that will keep you freer from illness and disability than your parents ever were.  Vitamins play a key role in keeping fit and maintaining a good BMI (Body Mass Index).  This is especially important to vegans and those wishing to limit animal protein in their diet.


The Benefits of Vitamin Supplements: How they Boost the Typical Diet

What are the specific benefits of vitamins, and how do they improve our diet and digestion?

  • Balance and Health in Your Diet.  The general population of the United States is now moving away from a diet top-heavy with red meat and starchy potatoes.  More and more people are practicing a vegan lifestyle, or at least restricting how much animal protein they eat.  This can cause unintended bad consequences when the body loses too much fat and essential vitamins and minerals, which meat supplies in abundance.  A considered intake of vitamins and minerals will help the body maintain its lubrication and ability to convert food into energy and vital chemicals and hormones.
  • Optimizing Blood Sugar Levels.  Vitamins are absolutely crucial in stabilizing your blood sugar levels, especially if you are overweight and tending towards Type 2 diabetes.  Statistics show that over half of the adult male population of the United States over the age of thirty-five already has all the symptoms of diabetes incipience.  To regulate insulin levels and glucose release into the bloodstream, vitamins are necessary.  Sugar, oil, and alcohol contain virtually no vitamins of any kind.  Leafy green vegetables, legumes,  fresh ripe fruit, and white meat such as chicken, are storehouses of vitamins and minerals that support cardiovascular, metabolic and mental health.
  • Raising Performance and Energy Levels.  Both professional athletes and regular folk experience physical stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s a marathon run of twenty miles or several flights of stairs when the elevator is on the fritz, your first line of defense is a good dose of carbohydrates.  But that is just the beginning of the dietary regimen you need to follow in order to provide your muscles with consistency and essential fluids.  You also need vitamin supplements, and essential minerals, to neutralize the toxins that are produced by heavy exercise and to help your body turn amino acids into catalytic agents and antioxidants that keep the heart beating smoothly, the lungs drawing clearly, and the muscles toned and flexible.