Workout Tips For A Stay At Home Parent

Staying healthy, as a family can be hard as it is tough to find the time to workout when you have to look after your children all day. Just like anything in life it is always good to have a plan and good time management. If you can manage your time in such a way to maximise your workout whilst at home then you will be back living a healthy lifestyle in no time. Here are some of my expert tips to help you build up a plan and enjoy your workouts:

#1 Exercise With your Children

This can be key to finding a good balance between working out and spending time with your children. Something myself and my mam used to do was she would run and I would cycle my bike this way we would both be at the same pace. It means that your child is having fun and you are getting a good workout in. You can also try rollerblading, mountain walks or outdoor activities for children. By you spending time with your children you are able to exercise and have fun with them and they will also stay healthy.

#2 Be Time Efficient

Gone are the days of going to the gym to workout for 3 hours, you need to optimise the time you get when your children are asleep or else in school. Every time you know you have a few minutes to spare you should workout even if it just concentrating on one part of your body it is better than nothing.

While you are trying to maximise time, when you drop your children to school in the morning it might be advisable to walk to school with them and then run home. This way you will still have time when you get home to do things around the house or to just relax.

#3 Find Home Workout Videos

This used to be hard back when everything was on video cassette however with the evolution of the online world you can now find a video on YouTube to help you do anything. By simply searching on YouTube ‘20 minute home workout’ you will have a selection of hundreds of videos, one of these will suit your needs. Then you can keep an eye on that YouTube channel for more workouts if you enjoyed the last one.

When your other half comes home from work and can spend time minding the children then is your chance to visit the gym.

Trying to stay healthy and fit whilst looking after your children can be hard but if you manage your time correctly and have fun with your children then you will be fit in no time.