YANA vs. Insurance Companies

YANA is an innovative new solution that stands for You Are Not Alone. It’s one of the very few world-class online mental health clinics that provide affordable services. The company connects its clients to a convenient, high quality, and inexpensive form of therapy all on mobile devices. While it might seem like a niche concept, it’s one of the most accessible ways of treatment available.

The company’s clinician network includes doctors who are graduating from the best U.S. medical schools and have licenses for the state. They put a tremendous amount of time and effort into vetting the network to ensure that all clinicians offer the highest quality service. Its accessibility is one of the main reasons why people are inclining towards YANA more than Insurance companies.


YANA offers cost significantly lower than the cost of getting insurance and the cost of in-person care. These costs are lower because the clinicians that work for YANA can charge less because they have zero overhead costs.

However, that doesn’t mean that the standard of healthcare is any lower than what you could expect to receive from a proper physical clinic. YANA’s benefit is that it cuts out any extra costs by eliminating any middlemen and directly connecting the clients with potential customers.

No need for credit history

Another reason why YANA is more accessible than insurance companies is that anyone can apply for their services. To successfully get health insurance and coverage, individuals need to provide detailed credit history. Without the necessary credit history, there’s a significant chance that any insurance application can get denied.

However, YANA requires no background check when applying for their medical services. Anyone that has access to the internet can use YANA’s medical services.

Immediate Service

Unlike health insurance, there’s no waiting period for the yana health provider. As soon as you apply, the company will look to connect with you, a certified medical health practitioner. When applying for health insurance, there’s a period of wait before the client gets approval.

After that, they must search for a healthcare practitioner that meets the respective insurance company’s criteria. YANA is accessible 24/7 through their email account, and clients can call them at 888-888-8888 on Monday through Friday between 9 am and 6 pm.

Completely Modern

Unlike other platforms, clinics are wholly modern, with the latest Legacy countertops and give you access to everything from the comfort of your home. All your bookings, appointments, and account management are accessible from their mobile applications. It’s ideal for individuals that are entirely new to therapy and might not be ready for in-office appointments.

Everything is wholly mobile, and clients can contact doctors for support from anywhere. There will also be ongoing checks after the initial prescriptions to monitor the clients’ mental health and see if the treatment is going well. 

Free medication delivery

One of the most significant benefits of availing yana health provider services is that they provide medication straight to your home with no delivery cost. No insurance company on the market will deliver medicines straight to ones home.

They provide non-controlled, non-habit-forming medications that don’t have any addictive properties. These medicines won’t make clients feel high or intoxicated and are useful in dealing with depression and anxiety.


YANA is an innovative new medical service provider that’s much more accessible than insurance companies. It provides clients access to a range of high-quality medical practitioners licensed under their respective states.

Additionally, the company also provides clients medication straight to their home with no delivery cost. People might be skeptical of online healthcare quality, but YANA is paving the way into the future.