11 Small Choices that Will improve your health and fitness routine

The state of the body which is free from illness and provides physical and mental well being is termed as health. We might have heard that health is wealth. From this statement, it’s very clear that health always gains priority over wealth. Why is it so? When we live in a world in which anything can be achieved with money what makes health to gain attention comparing to wealth. Let’s go to any man in this world and make a deal. Demand his little pinky finger for a huge costly car.

Certainly, the man would not be interested in such a business. Why?  This is because he considers his finger to be more valuable than the costly car. Only by having good health, one can do anything in this world. Just by having wealth one cannot be happy. An ordinary man with no savings and very little wages could live more happily than a wealthy man at the hospital. Health can be improved by following certain simple guide which informs about the health and fitness secrets which can keep your body strong.

Work harder, not longer

People go to gym and workout for a long time with an intention to get instant results. Remember, the body is not an iron rod which can be beaten into different shapes. It is something organic and so it requires time to repair the muscle tear and tiredness caused due to workouts. Also working longer in the gym would not pay anything extra; it only deteriorates your health by increasing the cortisol level thereby causing stress. So, always suggest working harder in the gym rather than working longer and this would improve your health and fitness on a healthy path.

Eat healthily

Unhealthy foods like ice cream, chocolates, oils, roasted and fried items, chicken, beef etc. would increase the cholesterol level and degrade your body step by step. Even if the degradation happens slowly, you have to pay for it one or the other day. So, it is always healthy to consume organic stuff like greens, soya, fresh vegetables, sunflower oil, whole grains, fibers etc. Moreover, it is to be noted that the food plan of a person would also influence the character of a person and those who consume meat and fat rich substances would not be able to think and act dynamically like a person consuming greens.


Water is an essential need for our body. Whatever you eat, it needs water for easy digestion and absorption. Moreover, whenever our body loses 1 percent of water, then we feel thirsty. Imagine this is a very small amount and even such a small percent would collapse you. So it is very crucial to maintain the balance in our body and so regular hydration of your body as you work out should be done. Apart from quenching your thirst, hydration can also effectively participate in breaking down fats which help to trim your body.


Some folks would feel afraid to do specific workouts, seeing the monstrous look of the machines and the dumbbells. Getting rid of fear would keep you happy and pacify your thoughts thereby reducing stress. Fear may also increase the heart rate causing hypertension which may also aggravate the situation with more diseases. Remarkably, the best way to get rid of fear is to face it.

Bad habits

The most important factor which is highly emphasized by many experts is to give up bad habits which involve drugs, alcohol, smoke etc. These bad habits would certainly put you to hell even if you have healthy practices because these habits would eat away the positive results created by other healthy practices also. What is the point of having a huge and strong bucket when it has a big hole at its bottom?


A regular sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary to maintain a perfect body health. Sleep is the major exercise which can keep you calm and free from other body stresses and prepares you for the achievements on the next day.  Moreover, your cortisol secretion from the adrenal glands would be at the desired level.

Reduce stress

Stress is a state of mental tension caused by adverse circumstances. It is a harmful factor which would ruin your health by causing headache, constipation, nausea, rapid heartbeat, low desire for anything etc. To get rid of this poisonous factor and to improve the health one should know how to relieve them by following the footprints of ecotherapy, yoga, meditation, massage, workouts which relax body and mind. Added to this, I would suggest to spent time and do interesting fun activities with people who can bring positivity to you. I usually like to do skating, surfing, playing with trampoline, and fishing with my friends and family when I feel down. No one can neglect the fact that we can be relaxed when we are with the persons we love.


Reading has always been a self-developing hobby for decades. Nowadays, due to the invention of smartphones, people are very much immersed in it in various aspects of cinema, video games, gambling, browsing etc. Obviously, they would not get any time to read. It is by reading you can free your mind and get rid of stress and charge yourself with positive attitude and enthusiasm. Health caring personalities are recommended to concentrate on books you keep you potent.

Smile and chat

The smile is an involuntary response which blushes out on hearing something funny and it can be neither faked nor forced. It helps to remove stress and feel better. Try to have some chat by some parks and lawns with your neighbors and friends who would widely help you to unload stresses and difficulties which burden your thought thus allowing them to think and plant eminently without distraction.

Working to death

Of course, a profession is one of the most important terms which bring you money. But, earning money alone wouldn’t bring you happiness and relaxation. Some work till late night to earn more but you would not be able to save that money instead you might pay a doctor to treat your stress caused by working till late night. Stop overdoing your job in terms of money and have some rest which would add to your healthy living.


We know that the sunrays provide vitamin D to our body but no one cares about it and we feel happy in taking a vitamin tablet. That’s absurd. Try to do anything in a natural way and it would pay you more than your expectation. Have a walk with your friend or neighbor with a chat which would make you light and energetic thereby maintaining good health.