12th Annual Swim Across America Event for Gene Cancer Therapy

The Swim Across America event gathers people far and wide to make waves against cancer. Each year, more than 300 swimmers and 100 land volunteers participate in this event to raise money in support of the ACGT funded scientists who are currently working on gene therapy cancer treatment. For the past 11 years since the start of the event, it has raised over 3.4 million dollars and 100 percent of the proceeds are for cancer research donation. This year, they are anticipating a great outcome for the 12th annual Swim Across America event on Saturday June 23rd in Stamford, CT.

ACGT is a great foundation of volunteers, raising money for gene therapy to fight cancer. Local swimmers and people from all over participate in the Swim Across America Greenwich-Stamford event every year. Everyone from families, Olympians, volunteers, and swimmers participate in the event to raise money and awareness for a great cause.

This Swim Across America event is not the only time that people donate to ACGT. Back in 2014, A fundraiser for ACGT was organized by five 6th grade girls and young philanthropists. They held two bake sales to help raise money for ACGT, a cause they had learned about from a newspaper article. They had done everything from baking the food to finding the site and promoting the sale.

These inspiring events make every bit of a difference for the patients and families who are directly affected by cancer. Your participation and donations to events like these will help to make futures brighter for those with cancer. The cutting-edge gene therapy and CART-cell therapy research for cancer is helping more people to have a more promising future that may not have been possible from previous cancer methods.