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15 Things Only Nurses Will Find Funny

Laughter is the best medicine. This can very appropriately be applied to the field of nursing as well as it is a very demanding profession and a little bit of laughter and giggle here and there can do wonders for the mental relaxation of the nurse. Nurses are so busy that they do not even get time for themselves and amongst the melodramatic family dramas and having to deal with gross bodily fluids and the inevitable death of memorable patients, it can all become a bit too overwhelming. For this very purpose, nurses have their own set of inside jokes which they use to unwind.

  1. Bloopers while charting

The multi-tasking nature of a nurse’s job has such an effect on them that they tend to make the most hilarious bloopers while charting. When reporting their tasks at the day’s end, the absence of mind results in mistakes like “old factory hallucinations” instead of “olfactory”. Now isn’t that funny for a person who has medical terms on their fingertips all the time. Many such unconscious bloopers are bound to crack up a nurse on the floor.