5 Ways Going ‘Green’ Can Benefit Your Health

Though many can clearly attribute green living to a plethora of environmental benefits, it is important also to understand the health benefits that result from living green.  Mother Earth is not the only gal that benefits from a more conscientious type of lifestyle.  Here are a few ways going green can benefit you and your family’s health.  

Reduce energy consumption and breathe easy.

The majority of energy used each day is derived from fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are awful for the environment and can cause a whole slew of other problems.  Global warming is one enormous consequence of the excessive use of fossil fuels.  Maximizing a home’s energy efficiency benefits everyone.  

This source of energy also pollutes the surrounding air.  Pollution in breathing air is one of the chief irritants of asthma and allergies.  Some physicians also consider fossil fuels to be a large contributor to rising instances of lung cancer.  

Changes in transportation methods enhance fitness.

Augmenting the ways in which we travel will almost certainly improve fitness.  If an individual is not driving, they are forced to use some physical effort to commute.  Biking, walking, and even riding on public transportation require daily exercise.  Good fitness affects every aspect of the body in a positive manner.  

Drinking water is vital for good health.

Bottled water is one of the largest contributors to the world’s pollution problem.  Drinking filtered water from the tap is not only healthier than bottled water, but it contributes to more massive, worldwide cleanup effort by eliminating excess waste.  

The chemicals used to make a standard plastic bottle can leach into its contents over time, especially if the container is subjected to the sun or excessive heat.  Not only are bottled waters unhealthy due to chemicals, but it is also much more expensive to consistently supply bottled water for a family.  

Indoor planting does more than provide greenery.

Littering the indoors with small pieces of the outdoors is always perfect in the air.  Many homes are riddled with breathable toxins put off by household cleaning chemicals or even the family pets.  There are many breeds of plants that can be maintained indoors to purify a home’s breathing air.  Not only does this help the family, but it perpetuates growth for the local environment.

Purchase fruits and vegetables locally.

Purchase fruits and vegetables from a local farmer.  Buying local food helps the community economy and assures that the family’s dinner is not littered with harmful pesticides and genetic modifications. Packaged food is often filled with unhealthy additives for preservations purposes that can result in some serious health complications over time.  Organically grown food has not been tainted by the industry of commerce, and it tastes better.