2022 Daycare Trend Predictions

The pandemic continued its impact on the world in 2021. Schools kept fluctuating between opening and closing. In some places, everything came to a halt with the lockdowns and quarantines. Large enterprises to small shops, universities, and schools shutting down due to the virus is common. Online education is more common today than in-person schooling. 

Amongst all the chaos, children suffered the most. They lost a huge chunk of their childhood wrapped up in fear and precaution. They could not enjoy public education, play dates at the park, and so much more than they deserved. 

While children were affected by the pandemic, the education and daycare industry couldn’t avoid the repercussions. The pandemic strongly impacted these two spaces. The once-dynamic industry became stagnant, and its technical, financial, and administrative functions were affected. 

Many young learners will make their way to daycares and educational institutions for the first time or after a long break from in-person learning and care due to the pandemic. They will have to go through the entire process of adapting socially. Moreover, the void between children and primary education has adversely affected their personalities.

The pandemic has impacted the foundation of the future. It will be evident in the economy and innovation. The mental health of the younger population is estimated to witness a decline. This drain is not just apparent across the United States but around every Covid struck section of the globe. 

However, the childcare industry is trying to make up for this negative impact by introducing new and healthier practices. This article will discuss some of their recent trends that aim to create an enhanced and comforting space for children and their parents. 

Daycare Trends you can expect in 2022

Here are some trends from the daycare industry that you can expect to witness in 2022: 

An Enhanced Approach to Safety and Health

After completing their first round of vaccine dosage, most American adults are getting ready for their booster shots. But children are still vulnerable to the infection. As the vaccination for kids is still under speculation, their immunity stands unanswered. 

The daycare industry addresses this scenario and develops strict strategies for kids’ safe and healthy environment. The American Academy of Pediatrics has given a green signal for children to get their Covid-19 vaccines, but getting children in the US vaccinated will still take time. Until then, we have the preventive measures to create a shield of security for our children from the new delta and omicron variants of Covid-19. 

Educational institutions and the daycare sector will focus more on the hygiene of their classrooms and activity areas. Sanitization practices will form a significant part of their classroom teaching. Teachers will communicate the routines of washing hands, covering the mouth with arms while coughing and sneezing, wearing masks, and regular use of sanitizers with the children. Many daycare facilities are also looking into the vaccination status of the parents for additional security.  

As the vaccination drives gain more pace, educational institutions and daycare sectors will also educate parents about vaccinations for their kids. Some facilities might even assist parents in getting their kids vaccinated safely and conveniently. 

Drop-in Childcare will take the front seat.

Drop-in child care at daycare facilities is expected to gain more prominence in 2022. Drop-in child care refers to facilities where parents can drop off their kids and continue engaging in activities and commitments related to their employment without any stress. Daycares are coming up with easily accessible drop-in options for parents who need assistance with last moment unplanned babysitting. 

While the number of daycares providing drop-in facilities is expected to increase, there might even be an addition to the infrastructure and services offered by them. Inclusion of mealtimes, themes events, interactive activities, and supervised recreational activities are a part of this super engaging daycare trend of 2022. 

Increasing Demand for Childcare facilities

Leaving children with their grandparents was one of the ways of catching up with work while your child is in safe hands. However, with the Pandemic extending its duration, the immunity of senior citizens is not much reassuring when it comes to safety. 

Daycare facilities are becoming safer as they practice strict health and hygiene standards. Numerous daycare facilities follow CDC guidelines and hire fully vaccinated, healthy adults who can handle children in a better manner. With the decreased on-premise staff and technological intervention, you can give your child safe learning and care while maintaining social distancing. This setup also helps the child have their fair share of socialization and technology-based learning while leaving the parents time and energy to focus on their professional commitments. 

The ease provided by childcare hints towards an increase in the demand for childcare facilities. Parents might have to stay on their toes to grab a seat for their kids and ensure that they enter to best childcare available in their area. According to Cool Things Chicago, The Goddard School, Ladybug & Friends, Lincoln Park Kinder Care, and Kids Future Day Care Center are some of Chicago’s most prominent daycare schools. 

Daycare facilities play an essential role in children’s early education and personality development. Parents are not just relying on daycare to look after their children but expect them to train their children and help them with early life lessons. Socializing and getting comfortable with people outside of the family comes as a bonus with daycares. 

Even though the Pandemic does not seem to end anytime soon, the situation is improving. People are slowly resuming their old lives but with additional care and precautions. In such a scenario, you and your child will have to move on with the new way of mindful living. And daycare facilities ensure that they provide an equally hygienic, thoughtful, and healthy environment for your kids. The daycare industry will continue to evolve and improve in 2022, focusing on all of the trends mentioned in this article. 

Sandra Chiu works as Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool.