21st Birthday Ideas for the Health Buff

21st Birthday Ideas for the Health Buff

Are you planning a 21st birthday celebration for someone who’s really into health and fitness? Maybe it’s someone who rarely drinks and you’re wondering how to create a birthday party as special as they are. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate without the typical bar hopping festivities. Here are some amazing 21st birthday ideas for the health buff.

1. A Retreat

Is there anything better than a weekend away with your favorite people? I’m not sure there is. You can rent a house together, maybe somewhere with a pool or near a lake so you can do some paddle boarding. If your friend is a bit of a health buff, chances are they might not want to ruin their fitness goals by having a bender weekend. That’s why going away can be a fun way to celebrate as you can do a bunch of fun activities together, creating special memories together without the huge hangover. Why not take it a step further and create some unique party invitations for the retreat? Going away together is a great way to follow their interests, if they like hiking why not rent a house near some great trails. Likewise if they’re into surfing, maybe you can find somewhere near the beach. The options are only limited by your creativity and budget.

2. Daytime Celebration
Just because it’s a 21st party, it doesn’t have to be an all night rager. Choosing to celebrate in the day can be an easy way to lower the amount of drinking the guests will be inclined to do. You can host in your dining room where your guests can admire your cabinet refinishing. It’s also a great option if the birthday person has a strict training schedule to adhere to. You can consider having an outdoors, day time celebration, such as a BBQ, or maybe even a picnic. Likewise you can focus the celebrations around a specific activity, such as going bowling, or going go karting. Find something fun you know the birthday person will love, and plan the party around that.

3. Do a Themed Party
Why not take their passion for sport and exercise to the next level with a themed party. You can get some 21st birthday invitations for him made that showcase his love for football, maybe even getting a football themed cake. You can ask guests to come wearing their favorite football colors and/or jerseys. If you’re throwing a party for someone who is a yoga buff, you can ask everyone to come along in their activewear and maybe even hire a yoga instructor to take a group class. There are so many fun ways you can incorporate their love for health and fitness into their party, creating a special and memorable event that’s perfect for them.

Celebrating a birthday is a lot of fun, especially one as special as a 21st birthday. Hopefully these tips help you come up with some great 21st birthday ideas for the health buff in your life.