25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes

  1. Work the 12 Step

While working the 12 Steps is not the only way that a person can get and stay sober, it has worked for millions of people around the world. The Steps in their current format were developed in the 30s with the purpose of producing a spiritual experience in the alcoholic or addict which would expel their obsession to use mind or mood altering substances. In order to work the 12-steps you will need to find a sponsor who can walk you through this process.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is essential to recovery. Ask any person who has overcome their addiction and they will tell you that they first had to get honest, not only with themselves, but with others as well, before they could achieve sobriety. Part of that honesty involves understanding that you are powerless in the face of drugs but on the flip side you will find strength in sobriety. Living an honest life allows a person to have a measure of peace that many active addicts and alcoholics cannot attain and it allows for a deeper spiritual connection with your higher power.

  1. Pick Up The Phone Before Picking Up

This one is said in almost every 12 Step meeting, treatment center, or any other program throughout the world. The reality is that there will be times in this journey where reaching out and asking for help will save you. In early sobriety this is especially true as people, places and things can trigger intense cravings. It is sometimes difficult for people who are experiencing this to reach out, but picking up the phone and telling someone about wanting to use could save your life.

  1. Take Out The Trash And Get Rid of Toxic Relationships in Sobriety

This doesn’t just mean romantic relationships, but strictly platonic ones as well. Removing people from your life that do nothing but cause pain and confusion is important for sustained recovery. You see most of us have developed some pretty unhealthy relationships with ourselves and those around us. It is so important to finally begin letting go of the past and learning how to start over in this new journey of life sober. You will build your new tribe and find that it is possible to have healthy relationships..