25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes

  1. “One thing is sure eventually you will be “ok”. In this life nothing is permanent and no matter how far you think you have fallen or that you will always be stuck in the h#@$ that early sobriety can be, know that eventually things will even out. All those uncontrollable feeling and the havoc you may have created in the past will eventually be sorted out. But getting to that point of being “ok” is a long journey and requires a lot of work and personal effort on your part. Therapy and a 12-step program have changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I am the freest I have ever been and so grateful for this second chance at life”. Rose Lockinger Outreach Director at Stodzy Treatment Marketing
  1. Do Some Form of Physical Exercise

Exercise is great for the mind, body, and spirit. It helps to burn off nervous energy and it releases endorphins in the body that promote an overall sense of wellbeing. There are even some recent studies suggesting exercise is the most effective method of treating deppression. For many in recovery depression was a significant component that contributed to alcoholism or addiction.

  1. Go Back to School

Many people who enter into recovery missed out on educational opportunities in the past because of their addiction. Now sober, many find that education brings enjoyment and enrichment to their lives. Plus it can help in the long run in terms of a career.

  1. Eat Better

Now sober, it is time to take better care of yourself. One way you can do that is by watching what you put into your body. Not to mention that it has been found that the stomach affects emotions and other aspects of the mind, so eating well can help with depression and other emotional disturbances. The fact is that many who enter sobriety are significantly nutritionally deprived whether an alcoholic or an addict nutrition was not a priority. A good way to enhance your recovery is to start eating a healthy diet.

  1. “A new idea cannot be grafted onto a closed mind.” – NA Basic Text pg. 96